Fans of horror are very familiar with the names of Jessica Cameron and Mem Ferda. Director and actress Cameron and producer and screen star Ferda have collaborated on many occasions, delivering global horror fans multi-award winning films such as the shocking Truth or Dare (2013) and the sexually intense and controversial Mania (2015). Now they re-team to bring
us their latest terror, LILITH.

LILITH, which tells the story of husband and wife workaholics, Heidi Cruz (Jessica Cameron) and Steve Cruz (Carlo Mendez) who decide to take a vacation in an attempt to enliven and rekindle their marriage, by taking a recreational vehicle across central America. Their idyllic road trip soon becomes a hellish nightmare, when they pick up a young hitchhiker by the name of Lily (Tristan Risk).

Mem Ferda (Jailbird, Bonehill Road) commented; ‘Hard Core horror fans who loved our award winning features ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘Mania’, will be thrilled with ‘Lilith’, which is quite different and features some of the best indie horror talent out there’.

Cast : Jessica Cameron (The Sleeper, Mania, Truth or Dare), Carlo Mendez (Parks and Recreation, Mania), Ryan Kiser (House of Manson, Gangster Land, Crossbreed), Ali Ferda (Seven Days in July)

Producer: Mem Ferda (Malevolent, Mad World)

Poster from the horror film Perfect.

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