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Good News! Higher & Higher: The Jackie Wilson Story Debuts at Hologram USA Theater This June


Good News! Higher & Higher: The Jackie Wilson Story Debuts at Hologram USA Theater This June

Higher & Higher: The Jackie Wilson Story

Higher & Higher: The Jackie Wilson Story

Recently, Hologram USA announced that they would start nationwide concert tours featuring holograms of dead celebrities. Remember the Tupac holograms from Coachella a few years ago? Hologram USA is taking that idea, only with other popular dead musicians, and bringing it to millions of music fans.

Now Hologram USA is planning to put on a concert featuring a Jackie Wilson hologram show called “Higher & Higher: The Jackie Wilson Story.” The new show, which is due June 7, will stream on, which is’s parent company.

Earlier this week, Hologram USA hosted a (not-so) secret celebrity preview at the New Hollywood Theater in Los Angeles, CA, which featured the likes of Billy Zane, Jon Lovitz, and Janice Dickinson in attendance.

Read the press release below:

“Hologram USA Networks Inc. today announced the date for the launch of its new hologram stage show, Higher & Higher: The Jackie Wilson Story. The show, from the leader of hologram technology founded by Greek billionaire Alki David,  tracks the wild life of the R&B star, dubbed Mr. Excitement, all the way to the end when Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley paid his hospital bills.

In the same 30-minute narrative format that Hologram USA pioneered with its successful show, Billie Holiday Alive!, the new show dramatizes scenes from the legend’s life–including the sex, drugs and rock & roll– in addition to presenting his stage presence in all its glory.”

“Higher & Higher: The Jackie Wilson Story” debuts at the Hologram USA Theater in Hollywood on June 7.

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