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“Can’t Cage Me” featuring Kyah Baby by Lizzy Latimer Music Review


“Can’t Cage Me” featuring Kyah Baby by Lizzy Latimer Music Review

"Can't Cage Me" featuring Kyah Baby by Lizzy Latimer

“Can’t Cage Me” featuring Kyah Baby by Lizzy Latimer

While there’s no doubt that singer/songwriter Lizzy Latimer is a musical prodigy. She has a background in music production and songwriting, while she’s also a multi-instrumentalist who is just as comfortable playing with an orchestra, as she is with a rock band. However, Latimer’s new single is just the pits.

“I wrote this song about scenarios I have seen many times,” Lizzy Latimer said in a statement. “In the cases I’ve seen, the woman’s ambition and drive is what their boyfriend/husband was drawn to, but after some time, they keep pressuring them to basically just be a housewife.”

Although I completely agree with her sentiment, “Can’t Cage Me” is just not appealing to the ear. It’s true, it has a strong and memorable hook that makes it accomplished, while it also has the production value to back it up.

The problem is Lizzy Latimer’s vocals is just weak sauce and not distinct. She has no presence on this song. It comes off as a bad rendition of an Iggy Azalea leftover, while rapper Kyah Baby is the only part of the song that feels professional and polished. KB is actually the best part of the track.

Overall, Latimer certain has the chops when it comes to production and songwriting, but perhaps she should stay behind the scenes as a producer instead of the superstar in the recording booth.

Song: D+
Technical: B-
Overall: C-

For more info on Lizzy Latimer, check out her SoundCloud page.

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"Can't Cage Me" featuring Kyah Baby by Lizzy Latimer

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