Shockya reviews Morrison Kincannon's Americana-folk-rock album, 'Beneath the Redwoods.'
The cover for Morrison Kincannon’s Americana-folk-rock album, ‘Beneath the Redwoods.’

Band: Morrison Kincannon; Members: Norman Morrison and Terry Kincannon

Album: ‘Beneath the Redwoods;’ Released by: Spacetalk

Offering an intoxicating glimpse into the determined emotional journey of relentlessly pursuing a dream can create one of the most powerful blends of classic, but still relevant, songs in the music industry. California singer-songwriters, Norman Morrison and Terry Kincannon, have desperately hoped to receive the break they have long desirde since they penned and recorded several superb tunes together during the 1970s and early ’80s. Now their time has finally come to share their relatable and stunning vision with the audiences they have longed to connect with for four decades.

The musicians, who are collectively known as Morrison Kincannon, have finally released their collection on Spacetalk Records. The 15-track album, which is titled ‘Beneath the Redwoods,’ was crafted during recording sessions at a studio in San Francisco after the duo first started working together as teenagers almost 50 years ago.

Morrison, who’s the pair’s lead songwriter, then received an email from Spacetalk Records two years ago. The company asked about the possibility of reissuing the song ‘To See One Eagle Fly,’ which now serves as the third entry on the album. When the executives at the record company then heard more of the duo’s unissued recordings, they were astonished by the timeless quality of the songs, and decided that the tunes had to be released.

‘Beneath the Redwoods’ begins with the acoustic, soft-rock-driven entry, ‘Freely.’ The song starts with a gentle, slow delivery that delves into a faster tempo, and the two speeds intriguingly intertwine throughout the duo’s performance. Backed by a commercial instrumentation that emphasizes the soulful folk guitar, the duo sings about the importance of people appreciating their environment, which makes the track still feel relatable to modern audiences.

The sophomore tune on Morrison Kincannon’s newly released album is ‘I’ll Be OK Tomorrow,’ which features a stronger rock-n-roll and soul vibe. The song, which is backed by a faster instrumentation that’s inspired by Santana’s music, also features grittier vocals than its predecessor. The characteristics of the era during which the track was recorded are clearly evident, especially as the musicians croon about they’re still contending with the pain of a failed relationship, but they feel as though they’ll soon recover.

‘I’ll Be OK Tomorrow’ is followed by the distinctly unique track, ‘To See One Eagle Fly.’ The catalyst for the release of ‘Beneath the Redwoods’ features a memorable psychedelic-fueled synthesizer, which uniquely strays from its predecessors’ guitar-driven sounds. Aided by an unrivaled blend of jazz and rock-n-roll instrumentation that’s driven by the electric guitar, the vocalists commandingly sing about how they want to overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from becoming truly free.

Another noteworthy tune on Morrison Kincannon’s newly released album is ‘As the River Flows On,’ which features soulful guitar strumming. The entry, which marks the mid-way point of the record, features a similar tone as the record’s initial song. The musicians croon about the importance of embracing the environment around them, and also understanding that life naturally unfolds to reveal the way things are meant to be for everyone. The track also features a creative jazz-infused drum beat that’s subtly infused into the background, which makes the tune feel as though it still has the potential of becoming a current adult contemporary hit song.

The next memorable tune is the nostalgic entry, ‘Sonshine,’ which only features two acoustic guitars that draw inspiration from the music of would remind many of the style of David Crosby, Still and Nash. The folk-like track, which thrives on the environment of the ’70s music scene, chronicles how the musicians want to connect with people around them.

The penultimate tune on ‘Beneath the Redwoods,’ which is titled ‘All My Life,’ is another outstanding entry. The singers’ striking vocals are gently placed over their beloved signature folk-Americana guitars, which transports their listeners back to a time when people could truly and intimately connect with their friends and family.

Morrison Kincannon’s recently released record ends with the enticing track, ‘A Few Minutes of Peace.’ Driven by the classic ’70s vocal range, the musicians emotionally croon about finally achieving their dreams, and putting their minds at ease.

‘Beneath the Redwoods’ is a stunning album that offers an intoxicating glimpse into the world of two previously unheralded master singer-songwriters. Morrison Kincannon’s musical vision encapsulates all that was good about Americana-folk-rock music during the ’70s, which is showcases on their thoughtful and heartfelt tunes that are driven by their timeless quality.

‘Beneath the Redwoods’ can now be purchased on Amazon.

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Morrison Kincannon's Americana-folk-rock album, 'Beneath the Redwoods'
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