Randy Forte's Chas Randall Album
Singer-songwriter Randy Forte has released his Americana-country-blues album, ‘Chas Randall.’

Artist: Randy Forte

Album: ‘Chas Randall’

Producers: Randy Forte and John Louis Richardson

Fully understanding that they’re balancing who they currently are with where they’re from is a powerful emotional journey for anyone. But musicians can often freely express their true emotions about their lives coming full circle through their lyrics and instrumentation. That’s certainly the case with Phoenix-based singer-songwriter, Randy Forte, who has recently released his passionate and compelling 11-track Americana-country-blues album, ‘Chas Randall.’

The vocalist grippingly emphasizes how it’s often difficult for people to fit their personality into one category, even though they’re repeatedly told that’s what they’re supposed to do. Forte has never been able to contain his writing within one genre or style, as he embraces the fact that he’s largely the product of the environment he grew up in in his hometown in Alabama.

‘Chas Randall,’ which was recorded in part in Nashville, begins with the country rock-inspired entry, ‘Six Beers Away (From Crying Over You).’ The song is backed by twangy, drawling guitars and a harmonic, sparkling piano, which helps give the music an alluring energy. The instrumentation’s upbeat rhythm make Forte’s vocals sound smooth, evocative and tender, especially as he croons that men will only see what they want. That’s certainly the case with the woman he thought he loved, as he didn’t truly observe her restlessness. The track’s intensity continues when the musician admits that his friends told him that it’s good that the woman in his life is gone, as she never appreciated his heart.

The sophomore tune on ‘Chas Randall’ is ‘Living In Yesterdays Tomorrow,’ which is fueled by dazzling country-rock-punk guitar strumming. Also fueled by a blues flavor in Forte’s vocals that offer a compelling rhythm, the song features an energy that’s reminiscent of the music of Jerry Lee Lewis. Forte croons about the woman he loved leaving him forever, even after the passion he felt for her made him change all of his plans, in order to accomodate her.

Another noteworthy entry on ‘Chas Randall’ is its blues-rock-infused fifth song, ‘You Don’t Love Me, Like I Love You.’ Driven by an electrifying electronic guitar, the musician croons that all the things that the woman he loves has done has made him question if she has ever loved him back. He warily admits that love is never equal, and it’s now time to move on from the fizzled relationship.

‘You Don’t Love Me, Like I Love You’ is succeeded by the nostalgic track, ‘Best Friends.’ The tender Americana and blues-inspired tune is driven by its taunt guitar strumming. The expressive instrumentation helps Forte admit that he has faith in love again, and can capture happiness with the woman he’s drawn to right away.

‘When the River Swallows Me’ serves as another significant reminder that people are only given obstacles that they can manage and overcome. The penultimate entry on Forte’s most recent record feature commanding vocal harmonies that exude gospel hues. Through those heartfelt vocals, the singer notes how dreams can run out of fuel, especially when people are forced to contend with numerous tribulations throughout their lives.

‘Chas Randall’ ends with the blues-infused rock song, ‘Cross the Mississippi,’ which features illuminating vocal harmonies. Forte emotionally shares that he has contended with many doubts that have weight him down, and he’s dealt with too much pain to be set free. But he feels that if he journeys across the title river, he can finally find freedom in life.

Truly accepting the fact that they’re always balancing who they currently are and where they’re from is a powerful journey for anyone. But musicians can often freely express their genuine emotions about their lives coming full circle through their lyrics and instrumentation. That’s certainly the case with Forte, who shares his fierce opinions on his life path on his enthralling and captivating new album, ‘Chas Randall,’ which is driven by relatable anthems about the joys and tribulations of love.

For more information on Forte, visit the singer-songwriter’s Facebook page.

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