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Chief Keef Kicks Off New US Tour with New Single “Chiraq”


Chief Keef Kicks Off New US Tour with New Single “Chiraq”

Say what you will about Chief Keef (and we’ve said a lot), the man is woke and loyal to his home and his roots. The rapper just dropped a new single called “Chiraq” that is about the staggering murder rate in Chicago, his hometown, in 2018. The single is also featured on his new forthcoming autobiographical concept album titled “The Cozart.”

Chief Keef unveiled a range of initiatives that will use his platform as one of the most influential artists in hip hop to encourage youth to pursue their dreams and not become victims of their neighborhoods. Keef released the song “Chiraq” today, the first single from his forthcoming autobiographical concept album The Cozart. The song is about his beloved hometown which he is essentially exiled from, and the spirit of reconciliation. The video features the names of all 370 people murdered in Chicago this year so far–month by month, with a stunning spike in July.

On top of that Keef wants to start a dialogue about stopping violence in Chicago and he’s going to start with sending a letter to Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. The Chicago native also announced the kickoff of his new tour with a partnership with Alki David’s Hologram USA. The tour starts on September with a show at The Avalon Regal in Chicago, which will be also broadcast in Los Angeles at the Hologram USA Theater in Hollywood with hologram technology from the company.

Keef and Hologram USA announced that the Chief Keef hologram tour will kick off simultaneously in Chicago and Los Angeles on September 29th for a limited one week run. The Chicago dates will be held at the historic Southside venue The Avalon Regal Theater in a neighborhood being revitalized by the Obama Presidential Center. The Avalon Regal is in the final stages of its renovation to return it to it’s 1920’s glory (and a gofundme campaign is raising the remaining money needed). The Los Angeles shows will run at the same time at the Hologram USA Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Keef will beam from L.A. to Chicago live. Mayor Emanuel is also invited to share the stage.

“’Chiraq’ and the album and the hologram show are all part of an incredible turn in Keef’s history,” says Alki David, Hologram USA CEO and the record’s producer. “Chief Keef now wants to spread a message of peace and to show people a brighter path.”

“Chiraq” and the album The Cozart were produced by Alki David for his label FilmOn Music. The song was written by Chief Keef with U.K. composers Justin Stoneman and Daniel Spiller. The song and video are being released via MondoTunes, the leading independent digital distributor in the world, and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all major outlets.

Chief Keef’s tour kicks off on September 29. Check out the new music video for “Chiraq” below:


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