There are lots of great ways to celebrate Halloween as a family, including all the old traditions like visiting a pumpkin patch, dressing up and trick or treating. Some people are also trying out new, more modern Halloween thrills, like playing spooky themed escape room games as a family or group in places like this escape room Indianapolis center. Of course, whatever you are getting up to this Halloween, the tradition of watching fun Halloween movies is always one to enjoy on cozy fall evenings, and Netflix has plenty of great family friendly options you can enjoy this season.

Here are three Halloween themed movies that are suitable for all the family, and streaming over Halloween 2018 on the online TV service:


If you are looking for something with dark, magical elements, rather than goofy Halloween fun, then the critically acclaimed 2009 animated movie Coraline may well be a great choice for your family. The movie was based on the 2002 dark fantasy novella of the same name by popular author Neil Gaiman, and features the voice of Dakota Fanning as the main character, Coraline Jones, who is an 11-year-old girl that finds a gateway to a fantasy world where all is not what it seems. With spooky elements and dark designs, this movie manages to give the Halloween feel without being too scary for most children, making it a magical choice for family fall viewing.

Ghostbusters (1984)

Whether your kids have never seen the original ‘80s classic Ghostbusters movie, or it’s already a favorite in your home, Halloween is a great time to enjoy this hilarious action comedy. With memorable performances from legends of comedy like Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd, as well as great jokes, fun ghosts, and surprisingly good special effects for a movie that is nearly a quarter of a century old, you won’t regret streaming Ghostbusters on Netflix as part of your family Halloween movie binge!

Dreamworks Spooky Stories
Dreamworks’ Spooky Stories

If your kids love the characters from Dreamworks movies like the Shrek series and Monsters vs Aliens, they are sure to be delighted by this Halloween special, which is available to stream now on Netflix. As you might expect from Dreamworks, there is plenty here to appeal to parents as well as children, with the same sort of humor found in Shrek as well as fun for kids of all ages. The special features a set of Halloween themed shorts with different Dreamworks settings and characters, so it can also be fun to watch together if you aren’t in the mood for a full-length movie.

From magical, animated dark fantasy to classic live action monster comedy, Netflix has a huge range of movies suitable for a family movie night that are ideal for getting in the mood for Halloween. Whether you and your kids prefer your Halloween spooky and creepy or wacky and fun, you can find the perfect thing to stream online.

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