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(L-R): Actresses Maddisyn Carter and Decker Sadowski appear in an exclusive clip from director Kemmy Moran’s supernatural comedy, ‘Beverly Hills Ghost.’

Finding friendship and fitting in without losing their sense of self is a vital part of balancing adolescence. That important element is one of the main driving forces for the hero in the new supernatural comedy, ‘Beverly Hills Ghost,’ which is now available on all major VOD platforms, including streaming for free on Amazon Prime, in the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. In honor of ‘Beverly Hills Ghost’s home release, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from the movie, which is titled ‘Crime Discussion.’

‘Beverly Hills Ghost’ marks the feature debut from mother-daughter filmmaker duo, Kemmy and Julie Moran. The distribution of the comedy marks the launch of their female-owned production company, MissDirection Entertainment. They based the movie, which mixes supernatural teen comedy and a murder mystery, on their award-winning web series of the same name.

The cast of ‘Beverly Hills Ghost’ is led by up-and-coming actress and singer, Maddisyn Carter, as the introverted Sari Coogan. The film also stars Decker Sadowski as the fashionista teen ghost Missy Palmer, and British actress Montana Manning as cool girl Xandra.

‘Beverly Hills Ghost’ follows shy chess club champion Sari Coogan as she moves with her family from Ridgefield, New Jersey to glamorous Beverly Hills. She experiences not only extreme culture shock, but also the unwanted presence of the ghost of teen heiress Missy Palmer, who died under mysterious circumstances. When Missy becomes the closest thing to a friend she has ever had, Sari agrees to help find her killer, but to do so she must learn how to fit in with the popular rich kids at school. That’s not an easy feat for any girl, let alone for Sari, who has always been considered a nerd. Can Missy teach Sari how to fit in?

Of making the supernatural comedy, director and co-writer Kemmy Moran has said: “‘Beverly Hills Ghost’ was made to entertain, but also aims to inspire teens and young women to be true to themselves and rock their own sense of style. There’s tremendous pressure to conform, and a majority of girls can identify with Sari’s struggles to fit in, from what hobbies and clubs to pursue to how to look and dress. Ultimately Sari risks everything by daring to be herself in the face of major social repercussions and by seeking out Missy’s killer, who realizes Sari is getting dangerously close to the truth.”

For more information on ‘Beverly Hills Ghost,’ visits its page on MissDirection Entertainment’s official website, as well as Facebook and Twitter pages.

'Beverly Hills Ghost' Exclusive Clip
'Beverly Hills Ghost' Exclusive Clip

In honor of the home release of the supernatural comedy, 'Beverly Hills Ghost, which was directed by Kemmy Moran, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from the movie.

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