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The Muddy Crows’ Straight Crazy EP Review


The Muddy Crows’ Straight Crazy EP Review

The Muddy Crows

Americana roots-rock band, The Muddy Crows, releases their EP, ‘Straight Crazy.’

Artist: The Muddy Crows: Dan Wolff: vocals, songwriter and guitar; Eric Grabow: bass; Steve Mead: keyboard; Dan Perriello: drums; and Tom O’Donnell: guitar

EP: ‘Straight Crazy’

Being able to effortlessly create a relatable and heartfelt journey through powerful lyrics isn’t a trait that all musicians naturally possess. But Dan Wolff, the singer-songwriter of the modern Americana-rock band, The Muddy Crows, has instinctive ability to illicit feelings of understanding from his listeners through his memorable and sincere words. His engaging lyrics are stunningly highlighted on the Washington, D.C.-based group’s recently released four-track roots-inspired EP, ‘Straight Crazy,’ which is one of the best new releases of the past year of any genre.

The members of The Muddy Crows easily create an exciting sound that transcends genre labels on all of their songs. Their music is a fascinating mix of modern folk and classic rock hooks, harmonies and lyrics that are reminiscent of the productions of classic 70’s storytellers. ‘Straight Crazy’ also features a dynamic and eclectic blend of acoustic and electric guitars that effortlessly help drive Wolff’s robust and melodious vocals. With spellbinding tunes that range from the blues to traditional rock, jazz and musical theater, the EP features the variance and energy needed to remind listeners that everyone struggles to overcome conflict, particularly in their quest to find happiness.

The Muddy Crows’ new EP begins with its title track, ‘Straight Crazy,’ which focuses on a woman who’s infatuated with the band’s frontman. But he admits that he has a feeling of uneasiness about her, because he believes that she’s keeping secrets from him. Driven by a unique blend of prosperous blues instrumentals and an upbeat tempo, the entry’s overall aesthetic helps makes an enticing first impression on the group’s listeners. Wolff and his bandmates give off a contemporary, brilliant magnetism in the Americana scene on one of the best songs on their latest EP.

‘Straight Crazy’ then delves into the EP’s sophomore track, ‘Quarter Past Four,’ which is also driven by a flourishing blues and jazz vibe. Aided by a blend of guitars and drums that gives off an air of stunning swagger, the group’s singer emotionally croons that he’s intent on liberating the world from a villainous fiend. He intensely proclaims that today’s the day that he’s going to even the score and secure the revenge he’s looking for in sultry and fierce vocals.

The penultimate tune on ‘Straight Crazy’ is ‘Jezebel,’ which is grippingly similar in sound and theme as the EP’s title entry. With an alluring blend of guitars and percussion, the song features a heavier tone and sense of heartbreak than its two predecessors, but still maintains the band’s signature vibe in its instrumentals and feeling. Wolff emotionally croons about how the woman he loves ripped his heart from his chest once she had enough of his affections, and how he doesn’t think he can ever repair it. His emotional and heavy vocals make his anguished sentiments relatable. Aided by an alluring blend of the electric guitars, ‘Jezebel’ is another alluring and notable track on ‘Straight Crazy.’

The last tune on The Muddy Crows’ newly released EP is ‘Anywhere but Here,’ a straightest but equally catchy entry that’s driven by its captivating melody that’s emphasized by a blues-inspired piano and trumpet. The group continues to highlight its relatable theme that the messages that run through their heads always seem to be sentimental, even though the disagreements they have still plague them. Wolff once again passionately croons about his emotions and plans, as he proclaims that he’s set to embark on the open road, in hope of finding the right motivation he needs to improve his present situation.

The ability to craft a sincere emotional journey through compelling lyrics isn’t a trait that all musicians naturally possess. But Wolff intuitively maintains the ability to illicit feelings of understanding from his listeners in all of his enduring and sincere lyrics that are stunningly highlighted throughout ‘Straight Crazy.’

Throughout their latest EP, the singer and his fellow musicians in The Muddy Crows easily create an inspiring sound on all of their songs that transcends genre labels. With spellbinding songs that range from the blues to traditional rock, jazz and musical theater, ‘Straight Crazy’ features the variance and energy needed to remind listeners that everyone struggles to overcome conflict, especially during their expedition to find contentment.

For more information on The Muddy Crows, visit their official website, as well as their YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and Spotify pages.

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