Anywhere with You
(L-R): Actresses Betsy Brandt and Morgan Saylor appear in an exclusive clip from writer-directors Marco La Via and Hanna Ladoul’s drama, ‘Anywhere with You.’

Figuring out the best way to delve into a new life plan isn’t always an easy task for many people. That’s especially true for Amanda and Jake, the two young protagonists in the upcoming drama, ‘Anywhere with You,’ as they aim to start a different existence in Los Angeles. But their journey into achieving their personal dreams brings them more surprises and frustrations than they expected, especially when they realize they have to quickly find a way to fund their latest lifestyle.

The couple, which is played by actress Morgan Saylor and actor McCaul Lombardi, is faced with the difficult question of how they’re going to financially support themselves in an exclusive clip from ‘Anywhere with You.’ ShockYa is debuting the clip, which is titled ‘Great Start,’ in honor of the film’s release on Digital and Video on Demand tomorrow by The Orchard.

‘Anywhere with You’ was written and directed by Marco La Via and Hanna Ladoul. In addition to Saylor and Lombardi, the movie also stars ‘Breaking Bad’ actress, Betsy Brandt, as Amanda’s Aunt Jeanine, who questions what kind of work Jake is looking to take on while the young couple’s in L.A. Jeanine acts as the realistic voice of reason, which begins to somewhat diminish Amanda and Jake’s hopes for their future in their glitzy new environment.

'Anywhere with You' Clip: 'Great Start'
'Anywhere with You' Clip: 'Great Start'

ShockYa is debuting an exclusive clip from writer-director Marco La Via and Hanna Ladoul's drama, 'Anywhere with You,' which features actresses Morgan Saylor and Betsy Brandt and actor McCaul Lombardi, in honor of the film's release on Digital and Video on Demand by The Orchard.

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