There is a growing hysteria among movie goers that filmmakers have run out of new and innovative ideas and are resorting to recycling techniques to produce remade movies. The hysteria stems from a misplaced assumption that movies which are remade would necessarily fail to meet the standards set out by the original ones, and would consequently result in massive disappointment for the audiences. It is true that most remade movies often do not match up against the originals.

However, we believe that there is still good reason for the directors and producers to continue experimenting with the remakes of older movies. The reason for this is simple: the greatest hits in the history of cinema have been movies which have been remade. Sequels and remakes are not particular to the movie industry but instead hold true for almost everything around us.

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5 remakes that are better than the original movies

Casino Royale

This ageless casino classic movie enjoys an unparalleled cult following. So much so that fans refuse to acknowledge that this movie was remade for the third time! Fleming’s first Bond novel was adapted twice before Casino Royale was made. In 1954 it first emerged as a TV movie, and then in 1967, to the utter disbelief of Bond fans, it hit the screens with Bond being portrayed as an American hero.

The Jungle Book

Who would have thought that a better job can be done with the Disney’s animated jungle book movie, and yet in 2016 even the film’s die-hard fans were left pleasantly surprised. Jon Favreau increased the stakes by having a child actor as the sole star in the movie. Further, even the plot of the film had a more mature take in the 2016 version and the same was very well received by the audiences.

film reel

Ocean’s Eleven

This movie was first made in 1960 with many notable actors and singers including Frank Sinatra, yet it did not manage to bedazzle the fans in the intended manner. However, in the remake starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, both critics and fans echo the sentiment that Soderbergh did full justice to the plot of the original story.

The Wizard of Oz

Before July Garland took over the role of the girl who finds herself in the land of magical creatures, the silent moviehad already been made a few times. However, none of the previous movies even came close to leaving the same impact on the audiences that Garland’s performance did. Interestingly, there is a lot of trivia behind the remake of the movie, which makes the story of its production extremely riveting.

House on Haunted Hill

This movie was first made with Vincent Price acting as the millionaire with the haunted house. However, the remake version of the movie starring Geoffrey Rush left the audiences spell bound with his ace acting skills, proving yet again that remade movies have the potential to outshine earlier versions by miles and bounds.

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