In an interview, one of the struggling leader’s closest allies calls Harris “a pudgy, insecure, wannabe dictator” who faces $100 million in lawsuits Prime Minister Timothy Harris

In an exclusive interview with Shockya, Bird Rock, St. Kitts resident Wallace Wilkin, a former journalist, said Prime Minister Timothy Harris is behaving increasingly desperate as the pressure on him increases. Still trying to escape past scandals involving the selling of citizenship to oligarchs and other nefarious characters, he has tried to turn the attention to playing both sides of the marijuana legalization debate.

“He’s running scared,” Wilkin told us when we sat down with him at Bobsy’s Super Wings N Tings in Frigate Bay. “On one hand he’s in bed with the Catholic contingent, who vehemently oppose decriminalization, and have a history of protecting sexual predators. On the otherhand he’s scared of the Rasta contingent and their growing power and influence. Now he’s messing with the wrong people–investors who could help turn things around for Kittians and Nevisians once and for all.”

It’s been reported that two billionaires, one a Kittian and one Greek, in the country to invest in a fair trade cooperative of Rasta hemp farmers, are announcing lawsuits against Prime Minister Harris and his administration totaling $100 million. Included in the complaints are the unlawful arrests of the investors.

Harris is known for scandal. “Since he took office he has brought shame on St Kitts-Nevis with the PetroCaribe scandal, the Stem Cell scandal, the CBI scandal, the Peter Virdee bribes, and most personally embarrassing for him, the Herpes Scandal.”

Shockya could not confirm rumors flying around Basseterre that Harris may soon face allegations of misconduct from a teenaged altar boy at the Co-Cathedral of the Immaculate Inception in Basseterre.

“In my opinion,” said Wilkin. “Harris is going to ruin this opportunity, lose a fortune to these lawsuits, and sink the entire country. The investors are already leaning toward working in Dominica where they don’t have a pudgy, insecure wannabe despot for a leader.”

Wilkin went on to call Harris names we can’t repeat here, and to say he has left his role editing the Times Caribbean Online because he can’t take the “stench of corruption” anymore. The site continues with writing by some of the dozens of family members Harris has given jobs in the government.

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