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Jeremy Gardner and Michael St. Michaels Threaten Each Other in Fingers Exclusive Clip


Jeremy Gardner and Michael St. Michaels Threaten Each Other in Fingers Exclusive Clip

Fingers Exclusive Clip

Actor Jeremy Gardner appears in an exclusive clip from writer-director Juan Ortiz’s horror film, ‘Fingers.’

Dubious business arrangements can often lead to hostile relationships that awaken the partners’ demons within themselves and with each other. That’s certainly the case for Jeremy Gardner and Michael St. Michaels’ corrupt characters in the upcoming horror movie, ‘Fingers.’ In honor of the crime drama recently making its World Premiere at the Chattanooga Film Festival, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip.

The video features the actors’ characters, Talky and Fox, as they argue over how they should end their deal. Fox informs Talky that his agreements usually end with his associates taking their money and immediately leaving. But Gardner’s character then becomes increasingly angry with Michaels’ character, as Talky believes Fox took his dog. The two then threaten each other for not doing what they want the other to do.

‘Fingers’ was written and directed by Juan Ortiz. In addition to Gardner and Michaels, the movie, also stars Sabina Friedman-Seitz, Stan Madray and Michael Richardson.

The following synopsis has been released for ‘Fingers’:

Amanda (Friedman-Seitz) is a woman who has a number of truly terrible phobias. Her fears are growing so much in their inconsistency and levels of strangeness, and have become so overwhelming, that they’re starting to affect her marriage, as her husband is struggling to cope with them.

When Walter (Madray), an employee at her business, suddenly appears missing one of his fingers, Amanda is so disgusted that she runs out of work in a flurried panic. AS a result, she’s prompted to reach out to a therapist to try and help conquer her life altering problems. Attempting a form of immersion therapy, Dr. Scotty (Richardson) forces Amanda to meet with Walter, who continues losing fingers. While the world thinks that Walter is imagining the source of his dismemberment, Amanda decides to face her fears head on. By doing so, she finds herself in the middle of a strange world of crime.

ShockYa's Exclusive 'Fingers' Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive 'Fingers' Clip

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from writer-director Juan Ortiz's horror film, 'Fingers,' which stars Jeremy Gardner, Sabina Friedman-Seitz and Michael St. Michaels.

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