Mario Andretti The Sound of Passion
Racing legend Mario Andretti stars in MagnaFlow’s ‘The Sound of Passion,’ which is one of the contenders on the 2019 Emmy nominating ballot for Outstanding Commercial.

Emmy Award voters are getting the chance to get to know racing legend Mario Andretti on an intimate level, as the new video he’s appearing in, ‘The Sound of Passion,’ is one of the leading contenders on this year nominating ballot for Outstanding Commercial. Produced by Campsite Media House, MagnaFlow’s cinematic spot is personal and poignant, as it creates a connection with the viewer through authentic, powerful storytelling.

‘The Sound of Passion’ is distinct in the fact that it puts viewers into Andretti’s mind as he shares memories about his childhood years in Italy, as well as beginning with the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, and how experiencing the race firsthand sparked his fascination with racing. Although social causes are often central themes in the Emmy shortlisted commercials, ‘The Sound of Passion’ is relevant, as the 50th anniversary of Andretti’s historic win at Indy 500 is approaching.

Campsite Media House’s core creative team on ‘The Sound of Passion’ consisted of director Logan Hendricks, executive producer Marcus Vadas, director of photography Kyle Clark and editor Bryan Avila. As for what he aspired to for ‘The Sound of Passion,’ Hendricks explained, “We always wanted this to be more than an ad. With my background in documentary filmmaking, I saw this as an opportunity to create a small portrait of a man who fully explored his passion and remained committed to it for his entire life.”

Andretti has been ambassador to MagnaFlow for almost two decades. Throughout his five-decade long career, Andretti drove everything from midget cars to Formula One, taking the checkered flag 111 times and solidifying his legacy as one of the most decorated drivers of all time. He was named Driver of the Year in three decades, Driver of the Quarter Century in the ’90s and the Associated Press named him Driver of the Century in 2000.

'The Sound of Passion' | Mario Andretti
'The Sound of Passion' | Mario Andretti

MagnaFlow’s 'The Sound of Passion,' which features racing legend Mario Andretti. is one of the contenders on the 2019 Emmy nominating ballot for Outstanding Commercial.

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