TJ Doyle Lullaby Cover
The cover for TJ Doyle Band’s alt-pop-rock-folk single, ‘Lullaby.’

Band: T.J. Doyle Band; T.J. Doyle: vocals and acoustic guitar; Tim Pierce: electric guitars; Phil Parlapiano: music box and strings; Reggie McBride: bass: and David Raven: drums.

Single: ‘Lullaby;’ Produced by: TJ Doyle; Mastered by: Robert Hadley; Released on: May 1, 2019

Completely embracing and submerging themselves in a laudable cause, and expressing their commitment to the responsibility of that belief, is one of the most powerful stances that musicians can do throughout their careers. Singer-songwriter T.J. Doyle is doing just that on his band’s newly released folk single, ‘Lullaby.’ The Los Angeles-based alt-pop-rock guitarist freely expresses his love and appreciation for the world around him, and feels its important that everyone takes care of the planet. His latest song follows in the footsteps of his previous work, as he infused it with melodic and compelling instrumentation and lyrics that feature a sense of equally fun and strong Americana sensibilities.

After a soulful and mesmerizing blend of guitar riffs that powerfully introduce listeners to T.J. Doyle Band’s latest song, the instrument naturally blends with the drums to enthrallingly support the lead musician’s vocals once he starts singing. The melodic ‘Lullaby’ chronicles how the singer has chosen to view life differently than many of his peers, as he’s determined to find the good in every situation he finds himself in. The spiritual lyrics also chronicle how he has accepted the truth of his circumstances, and even though he faces troubles, he views each moment as a gift. Doyle also proclaims that life is a lullaby, which encourages him to embrace his existence with the person he loves, even through their troubled times, as they’re meant to be together.

Doyle lives in a community on the edge of the Angeles National Forest above L.A., where he writes tracks, like ‘Lullaby,’ that transmit an authenticity from the 1960s, one of the most acclaimed eras of the rock genre. He cherishes the process of writing about the challenges that people of a generation are facing. He goes after that vision by sharing his passion for the environment, as he feels that nature is free from the human condition that afflicts humanity, and is an inspiration that can help everyone. The musician feels that if people observe nature, they can learn more about their own true deposition. His overall music serves as a vehicle to help people make sense of themselves and the world.

‘Lullaby’ is perfect example of T.J. Doyle Band’s signature sound, which is defined by a hypnotic arrangement and pulsating beat. The group’s rhythmic instrumentation and bittersweet lyrics effectively reflect the distinctive singer’s seductive commitment to the responsibility of his belief that people should freely love and appreciation the world around them. The band’s latest single follows in the footsteps of his previous work, as it contains a smooth, original sound. Doyle once again supports his music with melodic and compelling instrumentation that also features a sense of equally fun and strong Americana sensibilities.

For more information on T.J. Doyle, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

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T.J. Doyle Band's alt-pop-rock-folk single, 'Lullaby'
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