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5 Must-See Movies About Nursing


5 Must-See Movies About Nursing

Finding movies about a specific story or in a particular genre is a lot easier now that thousands of them are available through streaming services. You don’t even have to buy the movies you want to watch; simply subscribe to a streaming service that suits you best and you are all set. Streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video offer access to countless of movies. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on movies about doctors and nurses. What are the must-see movies about nursing? Let’s find out, shall we?

patch adams

Patch Adams

Patch Adams is one of the first movies to watch if you are searching for movies about doctors and nurses in general. The comedy flick is filled with touching moments, but the movie goes beyond making you laugh and appreciate good doctors and nurses. Patch Adams is actually based on the life story of Dr. Hunter Adams, also known as Patch Adams, and his quest in bringing good health to more people. “Good Health is a Laughing Matter,” a book by Dr. Adams, is the inspiration for this movie.

The movie shows how students should learn about empathy and delivering personalized care to patients by working closely with nurses. A lot of students studying for their online nursing degrees at universities like Baylor University ( will certainly love this movie.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was an instant classic since the moment it was released. As the title of the movie suggests, this movie centers around the life of “Lady with the Lamp” and how she became the advocate for hygiene. Florence Nightingale is also a central figure in nursing. In fact, she is recognized as the founder of modern nursing.

She trained nurses during the Crimean War, during which she fought for better cleanliness and sanitation. She prevented countless infections with her principles for cleanliness. “How very little can be done under the spirit of fear,” she said on one occasion, proving just how fearless she was at her prime.

Aside from Florence Nightingale – the movie – many other movies are based on the true-life story of this incredible woman. This movie, however, is a must-watch if you are thinking about becoming a nurse. It is a movie that will give you a whole new perspective on nursing.


Wit isn’t a movie specifically about nursing, but it is difficult to talk about must-see nursing movies without mentioning this one. Emma Thompson played Professor Vivian Bearing, a professor who was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer all of a sudden. Her emotional journey is among the many things that make this movie so appealing.

The movie also depicts experimental treatments, the psychological effects of fighting cancer, and how the situation can change a lot about someone. Professor Vivian Bearing concluded the movie with her death, but not before experiencing a huge transformation.

The movie shows the importance of compassion and connecting with others, both of which are very important in the field of nursing. You will be able to learn a lot and be entertained at the same time, especially since Emma Thompson played this role incredibly well from start to finish.

The Nun’s Story

Another instant classic featuring the goddess herself, Audrey Hepburn. The movie, initially released in 1959, has been remastered and reintroduced to the market several times. It is not surprising to see The Nun’s Story being rated as one of the highest-grossing movies from the era. The presence of Audrey Hepburn isn’t the only thing that makes this movie so appealing.

A lot of people believe that The Nun’s Story is based on a true story, but facts about this are somewhat ambiguous. The movie itself is based on a novel by Kathryn Hulme, so we know that it isn’t a direct derivative of someone’s life story. However, many also believe that the novel is loosely based on Hulme’s life.

Nevertheless, The Nun’s Story features the story of Sister Luke, played by Hepburn, and her journey as a nursing sister during the first World War. The twists and turns of her story, ending with her leaving the monastery in search for a higher meaning, will keep you glued to the screen for the duration of the movie.

Meet the Parents

Alright, we admit that this movie isn’t about nursing, but it still features a nurse as the main character. Meet the Parents is a romantic comedy that gives you plenty of laughter and a lot of moments to remember. Greg Focker, the main character played by Ben Stiller, is a male nurse.

The movie deals with a lot of issues faced by male nurses in the healthcare industry. A lot of male nurses are victims of the same jokes and questions surrounding their choice of profession. The way this movie depicts those challenges – in a lighthearted yet impactful way – serves as an encouragement for men who are studying to become a nurse.

As for the story, Meet the Parents delivers exactly what the title promises. It is a movie about meeting the in-laws for the first time, in this case right before the special day. A series of unfortunate events followed that initial meet, but everything ends in a good way.

Other movies about nursing are just as interesting. Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now is another classic title. This is a documentary rather than a movie, but more than 100 nurses were involved in the making of it, making it incredibly interesting to watch.

The English Patient is also a must-see, especially with its intimate take on how World War II soldiers were treated. You will be amazed by the performance of Juliette Binoche as you enjoy every part of the movie.

Last but certainly not least, we have Angels in America, a movie about doctors and nurses working in an AIDS ward. It is based on a play by Tony Kushner, with actress Emma Thompson giving one of her top-notch performances.

These movies about nursing are all interesting to watch. Whether you are studying to become a nurse or you are simply interested in the industry as a whole, watching these movies is highly recommended.

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