Story Book Road's Self-Titled EP Review
The artwork for Story Book Road’s self-titled country-rock EP.

Band: Story Book Road: Michael A. Coker: vocals, songwriter and lead guitar; and Trevor Reifel: lead vocals and guitar; Art Elder; bass guitar and vocals; and Bruce Randall: drums and vocals

Album: ‘Story Book Road;’ Engineering by: Roger Tauz

Embracing the simplicity in, and advantages of, life is one of the most beneficial things that people can do in order to continuously improve themselves, and find harmony in their existences. That’s certainly true for the Houston band, Story Book Road, which thrives on its focus of good upbeat lyrics that are interesting, sensible and relatable, and most importantly, provide listeners the ability to let loose and dance. With the release of its self-titled six-track EP earlier this year, the Texas-based quartet, which is led by lead vocalists Trevor Reifel and Michael A. Coker, effortlessly presents its memorable message that everyone should embrace and celebrate their lives.

‘Story Book Road’ begins with one of its best entries, ‘Cabin in the Woods.’ Driven by rocking country-twang strumming on the guitar, Reifel and Coker sentimentally croon about having the women they love stay by their side at the title cabin. The latter musician, who also serves as the group’s songwriter, penned an engaging track about the desire many people have to make a good life, and settle down, with the person they love. The singers also emote their determination not to let anyone else deter them from doing the things they know they should be doing in their romantic connection. With an overall alluring instrumental beat that listeners can easily dance to, the opening tune champions positive relationships.

‘Cabin in the Woods’ then delves into the EP’s second entry, ‘Carmen Miranda,’ which features a slower beat than its predecessor. The five-minute-and-15-second song thrives on its soulful rhythm on the guitar, as well as the mellow blend of the horns and harmonica, for its first half. As Reifel and Coker begin to sing at the track’s mid-way point, their vocals maintain the powerful country-salsa vibe that was established during the beginning instrumental solo. The duo croons that they can still hear the title woman they used to watch on television sing her cha-cha theme, and see her dance across the stage, as they still appreciate the South American entertainment she provided.

The third tune on Story Book Road’s latest EP is ‘Get Out Tonight Mix,’ which transitions back into the group’s signature country-rock guitar twang. Reifel and Coker encourage people to enjoy their life in the inspirational entry that would naturally serve as the perfect score in a movie that chronicles the rise of the down-on-their-luck protagonist. The singers alluringly croon about the importance for people who feel trapped in their lives to get away from their daily grind, particularly through going out with friends.

Another powerful and memorable song on ‘Story Book Road’ is its fourth entry, ‘It Don’t Mean Nothin,’ which also continues the band’s noteworthy country instrumentation and vocals. The lead vocalists emote their belief that the real treasure of life is love, and not material possessions. Reifel and Coker emotionally croon that they would happily give up all of their belongings and money, as they don’t mean anything without the people they love, which contributes to the track’s repeatability factor.

The quartet’s new EP begins to wind down with its penultimate tune, ‘Sister Sally,’ which is a lively and compelling showcase for Reifel and Coker’s vocal harmonies. The equally spiritual and feisty rock song emphasizes that life’s important message is to love.

Story Book Road’s latest release ends with one of its best entries, ‘Window of Your Soul,’ which also features a relatable theme and encouraging note that people should fully explore their true purpose in life. Supported by another classic blend of country instrumentation, including spirited and gritty guitar solos, Reifel and Coker note that love is all that matters. The musicians reflect on their life journeys, and realize that when they were young men, they didn’t know everything, but can now learn from their life experiences.

Launching a lifelong passion into a successful career isn’t always an easy task, but the members of Stony Book Road are doing just that with their new self-titled EP. The album is sure to mesmerize the band’s fans through the four musicians’ unique hybrid vibe that expertly blends classical country and rock vocals and instrumentation. The group effortlessly brings its high octane Bronco Rock to six of Coker’s original songs, which effortlessly demonstrate his versatility as a writer. Each track clearly and enthrallingly highlights Story Book Road’s live repertoire on a different level, and stunningly presents its memorable message that everyone should embrace and celebrate their lives.

For more information on Story Book Road, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook and ReverbNation pages.

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