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Elizabeth Taylor Exhausts Acting Chops, Mask is off Lisa Bloom’s Star


Elizabeth Taylor Exhausts Acting Chops, Mask is off Lisa Bloom’s Star

Proving she’s no Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the accuser of Greek billionaire Alki David started to crack while giving testimony in L.A. Superior Court.

Under questioning by attorney Ellyn Garofolo, Lisa Bloom’s latest experiment in cynical abuse of the #MeToo movement, started to flail and show her true self yesterday as the trial that broke record for jury selection finally got under way. Elizabeth Taylor, who worked for Alki David’s FilmOn.TV in Beverly Hills for four and half months, has accused him of sexual harassment. Bloom has been in a desperate campaign to restore her name after a disgraceful time representing rapist mogul Harvey Weinstein, according to the Daily Beast.

After a day of sobbing as she stated her claims, and perjured herself at least once, she revealed herself to be a snide and secretive witness. She attempted to hide the fact that she was on a half dozen psychoactive medications years before she started to work at Filmon.TV. In her initial testimony she had tried to make it seem like the medications became necessary after her brief stint at FilmOn.TV. In fact, Garofolo proved, Taylor had been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADD, and insomnia as far back as 2013.

Taylor also tried to downplay the amount of concussions she received in the year she tried to become a professional wrestler with the WWE as “Betty Rage.” Despite her combative nature on the stand (claiming she couldn’t answer “yes or no” to many yes or no questions and bickering over definitions of medical terms rather than answering questions), questioning revealed that Taylor gave herself a concussion while “wrestling herself” during training, and had additional ones in two mysterious car accidents and during one incident involving copious amounts of alcohol and a glass coffee table–all before she started working at FilmOn.TV.

It was a far different Elizabeth Taylor than showed herself on the stand the day before, with Lisa Bloom hopping up to hand her a box of tissues several times. On Tuesday, Bloom was visibly shaken when Fred Heather, a partner of powerhouse law firm Glaser Weil, entered the courtroom as a spectator and got a warm hello from Alki David. Glaser Weil just scored a debilitating victory over The Bloom Firm when Patricia Glazer shredded Bloom’s case against Rep. Tony Cardenas and Bloom had to withdraw over ethical violations. (You can read about Bloom’s ethical problems in this matter here in the Los Angeles Times).

No word yet on why Heather was there though he was seen talking to David and Garofolo in the hall after court ended. Meanwhile Bloom’s daughter, dressed as a lawyer, has been following Alki David around the courthouse everywhere but the men’s room like some kind of deranged super-fan.

David was admonished for breaking out in laughter several times during her testimony. On the same day the Daily Mail posted a story revealing Alki David has offered Bill Cosby $10 million dollars for rights to his image as a hologram, with the goal of removing Cosby’s penis in hologram form. David is close friends with the original super model, Janice Dickinson, and his network FilmOn was the first to ever air her account of Cosby raping her–against the advice of his own lawyers and threats from Cosby’s lawyers, FilmOn aired the segment a year before other major news outlets did anything on it. Watch it here. Bloom has gone on to profit off of Dickinson’s wins in the Cosby case.

Garofolo’s questioning of Taylor continues today, with Alki David’s chance to grill her following her immediately afterward. Bloom, who used a slur against Greek people when she accused Alki David of giving her “an Evil Eye” in court, has said she intends to call David as her next witness after Taylor finishes destroying her credibility.

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