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Texts Show Lisa Bloom Witness Faked Claims for Pay


Texts Show Lisa Bloom Witness Faked Claims for Pay

In Day 11 of the explosive Elizabeth Taylor vs. Alki David trial, one witness proved the plaintiff lied about hologram porn, another that she colluded and conspired

It was a day with more explosive outbursts from the eccentric tech mogul Alki David, including the possibility of more cash sanctions from Judge Christopher Lui. It was also a day in which TV lawyer and Harvey Weinstien pal Lisa Bloom grasped at increasingly minute and far fetched straws. The people on the stand, including her own witnesses, had a harder and harder time even understanding her questions–they were so convoluted and manipulative.

She even seemed to confuse herself–when Judge Lui sustained about ten of opposing counsel Ellyn Garofolo’s objections in a row, she just gave up. “No further questions,” she said, hanging her head.

With Alki David on the stand in the morning, Lisa Bloom tried to pick at his mention that he sponsored Amber Rose’s SlutWalk in 2015, primarily through broadcast and production expenses to make sure the event was streamed live globally for free.

“And why don’t you list donations on your IRS returns?” Bloom asked.

“Because when you do something good, you’re not supposed to get anything out of it,” David said. “Otherwise there’s no point.”

At one point the fact that Alki David is flirtatious came up.

“Yes, I’m a flirt,” David said. “I flirt with everyone. As do you! As you flirted with me on CNN in 2010!”

Bloom blushed and stammered and hurried onto the next question.

She then showed the jury an online ad on his site Swissx for a t-shirt Alki David had made with the slogan #FuckMeToo.

“Is that how you feel about MeToo?” Bloom asked about her cash cow.

“Actually I support MeToo,” David said. “I guess this was just misdirected anger. Anger at people like you who cynically abuse the ideas behind MeToo and extort people for your own greedy gain.”

On her cross of Alki David, attorney Ellyn Garofolo pointed out the website with the t-shirt’s clearly said he had made the shirts as a comment on Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred’s conspiracies against him.

The next witness was a former Senior Vice President of Hologram USA. Bloom quizzed him about his deposition in another of the cases she and her mother Gloria Allred have strung together to support their money grab, even though he barely knew the plaintiff when she worked at Alki David’s companies and never saw any of the incidents she has alleged.

The witness answered questions about the Mangina performances by Alki David, and said that he did feel some of what went on at the office bordered on the inappropriate. But he also said his view had softened over the years and that he felt like the FilmOn office was a special, creative experiment where everyone was participating in what went on.

Most importantly the witness, who was the chief expert on holograms at the time of the plaintiff’s claims, completely and unequivocally shot down Elizabeth Taylor’s claims that Alki David had her stand on a hologram demo stage and projected nude dancers next to her without her knowledge. In fact, the witness stated, there is no way a person on stage would not know what holograms are being projected next to them–the images are twenty feet wide on an illuminated screen on the floor in front of the stage. (Which has also been shown on CNN, CBS News and HBO’s Vice News Tonight). It was a major blow to the Bloom’s case–completely exposing one of Taylor’s core allegations.

(An insider explained that the adult themed holograms were part of potential sales to adult entertainment businesses, and any one on the hologram sales team would have seen them).

When Alki David’s turn to cross examine the witness came, he went through various claims and the two talked about how their shtick at work was a little good cop bad cop, with David naturally being the bad cop.

Then David asked, “Have you ever known me to commit random acts of kindness?”

“Yes,” the witness said.

He then told a story about an ex-employee, Jason Kreiger, who ran into David soon after finding out his fiance had an advanced stage of cancer. The couple put their wedding on hold while she fought the disease. At one point Kreiger told David they’d gotten some bad news, the fiance had a short time to live.

“Alki immediately pulled together a wedding for them,” the witness recalled. “He invited all their friends and family, officiated himself, provided all the food and drink at his own home. It was a beautiful day.”

The bride passed away a few weeks after.

Everyone, including the jury, seemed choked up by this account. Next on the stand was Chasity Jones, another ex-employee who Bloom coached to a win
against Alki David last Spring. David denies her allegations as well and is appealing the decision.

Jones’ face appeared frozen solid–it was hard to tell whether it was due to botox, xanax, or simply cold blooded determination. In any case not one muscle moved in her face the entire time–in fact it almost looked like her voice was being dubbed in because her lips did not move. Bloom questioned Jones, who repeated the same allegations as Elizabeth Taylor. The story about the exotic dancer dressed as a policeman, the story about the 2 Girls 1 Cup viewings.

She recounted the day of David “wheelbarrowed” Taylor about the office but botched her description, leaving out the “wheelbarrow” part that even Taylor had explained clearly.

Jones also contradicted Jones account on other details, like where Taylor wound up after the horseplay. Taylor said under oath just last week that it was Jones who untied her when David wrapped phone cord around her in her chair—Today Jones said she had no idea how Taylor got unwrapped and out of her chair.

“The sloppiness of these two and Bloom’s team is pretty astounding,” said an unconnected attorney stopping by to observe the case. “Get your lies straight, people!” When it came time for Ellyn Garofolo’s cross, texts between Jones, Taylor and another conspirator were put up on the screen for the jury. In them, Jones is shown to be saying Taylor was pressuring her to say she saw incidents she didn’t see. The other woman texting agrees, and they joke about Taylor being a gossip and “making shit up.”

In another set of texts Jones calls Taylor a prostitute. As Garofolo read through these texts, Taylor started to sob, and ran out of the courtroom.

That was it for day 11. As usual several members of Gloria Allred’s staff were observing — despite claims that the two TV stars don’t share info, or clients, or collude to cash in on MeToo together. Never mind that Allred is known to have trashed Bloom for her sick dalliance with serial rapist Harvey Weinstein.

Tomorrow we’ll see Alki David cross examine his accuser Chasity Jones. We’ll see if her stone face holds up.

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