Whatever happens at the end of the Elizabeth Taylor vs. Alki David (which is supposed to end by Friday) Day 14 will be remembered as the day justice took a solid punch in the eye. Today, a business owner brave enough to fight back against false allegations and the #MeToo Industrial Machine run by Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred, was silenced by the court.

After speaking out against the outrageous lies of a paid “expert” on human resources who based her “testimony” entirely on the plaintiff’s testimony, Judge Christopher Lui took away the last remaining time Alki David could speak in court as he represents himself against ex-employee Elizabeth Taylor. A mere ten minutes that had been allowed for a man who is risking everything to clear his name, gone.

On the other hand, in the last two days, the lawyer representing Alki David’s companies, FilmOn and Hologram USA, has shown that the allegations of insurance fraud were a fantasy created by Taylor, that Taylor’s psychiatrist fancied her and wanted to keep her on all the drugs he could, that the raving claims of a writer who longs for sex with a McChicken sandwich shouldn’t be listened too, and, once again, that there were never any sexual advances of any kind made by Alki David toward Elizabeth “Butterfield 8” Taylor.

It’s been a grueling three weeks for everyone involved. Except Bloom, who seems to be riding some kind of high as she racks up more and more sycophantic column inches and soft focus television profiles. And, she hopes, gains more and more distance from her time representing, advising, covering for, and sucking up to serial rapist Harvey Wienstien.

Ellyn Garofolo called an ex-colleague of Elizabeth Taylor’s yesterday–who described bizarre events including one where she accused him of being a devil worshipper and trying to stage a coup at the company. His testimony made it clear that everyone knew who to talk to incase of a complaint at the company–including Taylor who had gone to Yelena Calendar with her freaked out accusation. The colleague also made it clear that Taylor was not producing anything good at FilmOn, and was a far cry from being the “Top Performer” she has claimed.

Taylor’s mother appeared to perjure herself on the stand when she changed her testimony after lunch.

“So you remembered specific dates before lunch,” asked Alki David as he cross-examined Taylor’s mother. “And afterwards you suddenly don’t?”

“Yes,” she said.

“And you claim no one spoke to you or coached you during the lunch break?”

Taylor’s mother seemed like she might explode.

Bloom tried several times to claim that Alki David did not support Amber Rose’s SlutWalk in DTLA in October of 2015–but that backfired too as a lawyer for SlutWalk said how valuable FilmOn’s production and broadcast services were to the event and its anti-slut shaming and college rape messages.

“You’re welcome,” said Alki David.

Today, Bloom called Taylor’s shrink, who appeared via video from Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Carl Burak is about the sixth witness Bloom’s team has called that blew up in her face. Burak testified that all the drugs Taylor is on (Xanax, Zoloft, Aderral, Klonopin, Lexapro, Avapro, Ambien and more) she has been on since 2013. And at the same dose throughout the last six years. No change in dosage in 2015 when Taylor worked at FilmOn for 4 and a half months. No change in dosage in 2016 when Taylor conspired with other ex-colleagues to extort Alki David. No change ever. (Burak is known for his self-published memoir “Assholistic Healthcare,” about his failures to help damaged people like Taylor).

To make matters worse, and grosser, when Burak described meeting Taylor he praised her for being so “cute and petite” and made cupping gestures to describe her body. Jeezus… Burak also made it clear that the conditions she was being so heavily medicated for began in 2013 and 2014 around the time she was desperately trying to become a wrestler with the WWE. Taylor suffered multiple concussions, some self-inflicted according to her own testimony and some involving alcohol. Burak explained that a person on such a complicated cocktail of drugs will deteriorate over time, that some drugs will become ineffective and the balance of the whole house of cards will shift, precipitating dramatic personality changes.

“It’s possible my judgment may be wrong,” Burak said, an extreme understatement.

Once the creepiness of Dr. Burak was wiped from the screen, the Jury seemed relieved. Next came Dr. Meisha Sherman, an HR expert for hire who admitted after questioning that she stood to make between $18,000 and $40,000 for her testimony. The Simi Valley paid witness used her resume advising in HR to bolster the plaintiff’s testimony as if the two were connected.

Sherman made it seem as if she had fairly examined all aspects of the case when all she did was dance like a puppet for Bloom. During Garofolo’s cross she suddenly couldn’t understand basic English, and stonewalled every question with false logic. (The ethics of paid experts in jury trials have been widely criticized such as in this essay called “Testimony for Sale” in the Pepperdine Law Journal.)

Sherman was not the most hyperbolic witness Bloom has called, or the highest paid in the cabal. On Tuesday, Bloom called an ex-employee called Lauren Reeves who has also made allegations against Alki David. Having not seen any of the incidents Taylor alleges, there isn’t any real reason for Reeves to be here, except for a California loophole that let’s a “#MeToo” plaintiff bring in any witness for any reason while barring the defendant from defending him or herself.

Reeves told a version of some joking in the office that other witnesses have called benign, taking great pains to make it seem sinister. On cross, Garofolo asked her about a McChicken Sandwich joke Reeves wrote on Twitter.

“Did you really have sex with a McChicken Sandwich?” Garofolo asked.

Reeves admitted she hadn’t.

When Alki David went to cross examine, Reeves put on a berserk act, claiming he was evil. It was stunning as an example of absurd, overacting. “Evil! Evil! Evil!” One juror was overheard commenting in the elevator on the way to the snack bar that he thought her head was going to spin around.

At the end of the day though, at Bloom’s insistent nagging, Judge Lui took away Alki David’s last ten minutes of speaking time. This is after Bloom’s fakery during sidebars, bumping into David and screaming as if he touched her, and after Bloom’s team setting up paid experts to give biased, lucrative testimony, and after weeks of false logic and manipulative questioning techniques.

But here’s what’s been objectively proven: Taylor had admitted there were never any sexual advances of any kind from Alki David despite them being the centerpiece of her original complaint. Bloom witness Dr. Burak, testified that Taylor’s extreme drug cocktail predated her FilmOn employment and did not change during or after it. (He also revealed his own creepy desire for his patient when she was younger). Taylor, Chasity Jones and other ex-employees were involved in getting each other to promise to be eachother’s witnesses, and file their own claims, in a gang attack orchestrated by Bloom and Allred and involving harassment and offers of money.

Alki David has promised several times during the trial that a massive malicious prosecution suit is on its way to the Bloom Firm. Every day The Bloom Firm has provided ample evidence for this new suit.

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