The Allred Goldberg Moroka lawyer got a stern smack from Judge T.A. Green in L.A. Superior Court over his last minutes attempts to force illegal evidence into a case

Nathan “Goober” Goldberg with “Comedian” Lauren Reeves after being scolded by the judge in L.A. Superior Court on Tuesday over falsified evidence

It was a move that was as transparent as it was lame as Nathan “Norbert” Goldberg tried to squeeze in evidence in his case Lauren Reeves v. FilmOn Networks without going through the proper procedures.

The judge scoffed at Goldberg’s excuses for not producing the photos of Reeves in discovery, or even in the week before the trial so that the defendant’s team would have the opportunity to prepare. He decided not to allow the evidence and warned Goldberg it was an amatuer move he shouldn’t try again.

It was just the beginning of a very bad day for Goldberg, who’s client admitted to untreated PTSD from being beaten by her father and forced to shovel snow in 40 below weather when she was growing up in the Alaskan tundra. Reeves also admitted to an irrational fear of the letter G and the number 9, and to drinking a bottle of gin a day, starting in the mornings, after a breakup with an abusive boyfriend six years before the alleged incidents associated with the current trial.

As plaintiff’s attorney Ellyn Garofolo elicited on her cross examination, Reeves had never received professional therapy or medication for her mental problems and seems to have decided to take care of 27 years of instability and damage through the trumped up claims of her current lawsuit.

By Jeff Stevens

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