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Writer of “Cum Ghost” Jake Weisman Botches Allred/Reeves Trial Testimony


Writer of “Cum Ghost” Jake Weisman Botches Allred/Reeves Trial Testimony

The Comedy Central writer went off script as a witness for Gloria Allred client Lauren Reeves, contradicting all previous testimony

Left: Jake “Cum Ghost” Weisman, Right: Lauren “9G” Reeves who is being exploited by MeToo profiteers Allred Goldberg & Maroko

The Comedy Central writer went off script as a witness for Gloria Allred client Lauren Reeves, contradicting all previous testimony

In the third of the tangled cases run by mother-daughter team Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom against Alki David, CEO of FilmOn, the wheels of their faux MeToo machine are continuing to wobble hard. Reeves–between narcissistic and indulgent tales of being abused as a child in Alaska, drinking a bottle of Beefeater’s Gin a day, and being scared of the letter G and number 9–told a story in which she and struggling comedy writer Jake Weisman ran into Alki David outside of Hologram USA’s Beverly Hills office.

Weisman had lunch with Nathan Goldberg of Allred Goldberg Moroko, and directly after lunch stated something so awkward and canned the jury was seen to be shaking their heads at the audacity of it. Weisman, who’s failing show Corporate was said by The Hollywood Reporter to be “a lot of talk and only a little substance”, recounted Reeve’s story of meeting Alki David on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills and Alki putting his hand up to Reeve’s neck and saying, comically, “Look into my eeeeeeeeeyes.” (Possibly a reference to the Jungle Book character Mowgli).

But Wiesman and Goldberg decided to add a few flourishes to their tale. Unlike Reeve’s account, Weisman now said Alki choked her for ten seconds to the point where she couldn’t breathe. He also added something entirely new: Weisman alleged that Alki made vile threats to “rape and kill” Reeves, despite this having not appeared in any previous testimony or deposition. The claim directly contradicted Reeves own testimony just one day before.

The jury also was shown texts that show Weisman and Reeves joking about the incident the next day, with Lauren “9G” Reeves bragging that the job was really “Kush” and Weisman signing off with, “LOL 9/11 was an inside job.”

Weisman’s work on “Cum Ghosts” is single handedly blamed for the fall of both the previous successful comedy site Funny of Die and the career of Carmen Eletcra. It’s not hard to imagine what corrupt old Goldberg said to Weisman during lunch…since Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom are both under investigation for fraud by several state bars, and in a previous trial a witness testified that a representative of Allred’s offered money for testimony related to the allegations against Alki David. (Allred and Bloom are also under fire for the way they both aided and abetted serial rapist Harvey Weinstein).

The Reeves trial is clearly not going the way Goldberg hoped. Earlier in the week, Allred’s pipsqueak of a partner was sternly warned by Judge T.A. Greene over an attempt to force inadmissable evidence into the trial. “Amature move,” Greene said.

As for Wiesman, the consequences of his perjuring himself are probably just coming into focus for him.

“When you get in bed with dirty celebrity lawyers who only care about their TV image and future book deals,” said one legal expert following the trial. “You can’t just wash the stink off. You could see this loser Weisman was a little sick to his stomach when he got off the stand after being grilled on cross. You wanna say to him, “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

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