The Info Wars host lashed out about the Robots With Rayguns video a fan made for the new song Area 51, featuring Frankmusik; Controversy follows surge of streams following “Storm Area 51” week

The video seems to show Alex Jones becoming possessed by the Robots with Rayguns song on the set of Info Wars, he moans, turns red, and starts throbbing. Soon he totally blobs out. The song kicks in, “I was just driving through the night / and there you were / standing by the road in a chrome t-shirt / you locked your eyes on me and time stood still / you took me by the wheel and said / Can I take you to Area 51? / Fly you round the moon and to the sun?”

Jones responded to a request from Shockya: “This is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been talking about. Hilary and the DNC putting out deep fake videos purporting to me be in gay alien love triangle.”

The song “Area 51” is from the new Robots With Rayguns album CULTPOP, which seems to mash up ever 80’s genre from synth pop to electro to the R&B of the era. The themes of the album revolve around conspiracy theories on songs like “Illuminati Beat” and “Trigger Warning.” Robots With Rayguns has become an indie favorite of stars like Taylor Swift,

Post Malone and Iggy Azalea.

Jones has attacked Hilary Clinton for many things–most famously Pizzagate which supposedly had the ex-Secretary of State running a pedophilia ring out of a humble pizza parlor.

“The CIA has turned 90% of America’s frogs gay,” Jones’ statement continues. “And now they’ve colluded with other Deep State bad-actors to use FX to put me into this alien sexcapade. It’s not me. I’m involved with no extraterrestrial romances at this time. Nice try.”

Just last week Jones appeared on Howard Stern, saying “”They’re going to the wrong base, they moved all the aliens to Area 6, to the Nevada National Security Site. They have all the aliens there.”

“Robots With Rayguns–wherever you are,” Jones said. “Whatever alien base you’re operating out of, however Hilary Clinton is trying to protect you, I’m coming for you!”

Shockya found the song to be actually insanely infectious and romantic. Frankmusik’s singing is moving–it puts you in a dreamy, crush-state of mind. (If you can get Alex Jones back out of your mind!). Robots With Rayguns is clearly a diabolically obsessed 80’s pop music fiend.

The YouTube video was created by someone called SynthTrax and is not an authorized release from Robots With Rayguns. Shockya could not track down more info on SynthTrax.

The song Area 51 by Robots With Rayguns experienced a surge of downloads and plays during the Storm Area 51 meme event at the beginning of October.

“Do you have a chrome T-shirt, like in the song?” asked Shockya’s reporter.

Jones did not respond.

While it’s hard to imagine Jones stuffing himself into a sexy chrome T-shirt, if Info Wars has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is impossible.

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