Somewhere In The Middle
Actress Jasika Nicole appears in director Nathan Ives’s documentary, ‘Somewhere In The Middle.’

The hard times that usually accompany artists’ initial struggle to break into, and succeed, in their highly competitive field can often times define them throughout their entire careers. That’s certainly the case for the diverse artists who are featured in the upcoming documentary, ‘Somewhere in the Middle.’ The lives of the five working artists, who aren’t household names, but are making a legitimate living through their creativity, is highlighted throughout the film’s narrative.

One of the featured artists in ‘Somewhere in the Middle’ is actress Jasika Nicole, who has garnered success by appearing on such shows as ‘The Good Doctor’ and ‘Fringe.’ She shares part of her journey as a screen performer in an exclusive new clip from the movie, which ShockYa is premiering, in support of its release tomorrow on Amazon.

‘Somewhere in the Middle’ was directed and produced by filmmaker Nathan Ives. In addition to Nicole, the documentary also features musicians Aaron Tap and Griffin House; paper artist and sculptor, Jeff Nishinaka; and painter Dan McCaw.

The movie details how Nicole’s mother struggled as a waitress without so much as a car to get her to work. Later, Nicole similarly struggled, before she finally got her big break.

After telling Nicole and her fellow artists’ stories, ‘Somewhere in the Middle’ eventually examines the joys of being an artist, including the high of one’s work being appreciated, critically acclaimed and, perhaps most importantly, paid for by fans. As a young artist, meeting her idols, which included ballroom dancing with Antonio Banderas, proved to Nicole that she was making it as an actress.

As Nicole and her fellow creators contend with doubt, fear, excess and anxiety about their futures, ‘Somewhere in the Middle takes viewers on a journey through the day-to-day minds of these artists. As they contend with their own person struggles, the five artists also share advice and wisdom with young people who are thinking about following their passions.

ShockYa's Exclusive ;Somewhere In the Middle Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive ;Somewhere In the Middle Clip

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from director Nathan Ives' documentary, 'Somewhere In the Middle

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