White Owl Red
Singer-songwriter White Owl Red has released his al-country single, ‘Working Class Heroes.’

Artist: White Owl Red; J. Josef McManus: singer-songwriter

Single: ‘Working Class Heroes’

Confronting social injustices can often times become harrowing and complicated, despite the positive motivations that drive their actions. Accomplished singer-songwriter, J. Josef McManus, who performs under the moniker White Owl Red, is the perfect example of a brilliant storyteller who chronicles the need to make the improvement in social movements more obtainable to all classes, despite the conflicts they may face along the way. The musician highlights the importance of that need in his latest single, the socially conscious, gritty rock track, ‘Working Class Heroes,’ which will appear on his upcoming fourth album, ‘Afterglow,’ which is set to be released early next year.

McManus, who’s the alt-country genre’s answer to Bob Dylan, follows up on the international success of his third studio record, ‘Existential Frontiers,’ which was distributed this past spring, with the release of ‘Working Class Heroes.’ The San Francisco-based singer’s latest single reminds his listeners of the all-too-important message that working people need hope and determination to lead them to combine forces, in order to make things a little better in their lives.

Much like the message he infused into ‘Existential Frontiers,’ McManus innovatively expresses what it means to be authentic in modern society in an honest, gritty, poignant and vulnerable way, during an unforgettable musical journey. Also driven by a blissful infusion of indie folk and roots, the musician’s new tune offers a socially conscious and intelligent reminder that the title heroes need to stand up for truth, love and dignity, especially against the government leaders that wrong them.

‘Working Class Heroes,’ which is driven by soulful guitar strumming and McManus’ passionate country vocals, emotionally declares that he wants things to be better for his-and all-families. He also croons that he wants everyone to stand united together, and be free, before admirably noting that the government can’t take away his dreams.

McManus, who’s a modern cowboy singer-songwriter, once again crafted a collection of personal anthem for his upcoming fourth album, much like he did for ‘Existential Frontiers.’ The musician offers a stunning preview of the blissful selection of roots-Americana songs that will likely feature a sampling of the Appalachia foundations on his upcoming LP with the release of ‘Working Class Heroes,’ which highlight his raw, pulsating musical sensibility. The equally intelligent and hopeful new single, whose title pays tribute to John Lennon’s song, ‘Working Class Hero,’ powerfully combines McManus’ unique musical aesthetic with his deeply felt social and political awareness, which will surely leave a lasting impact on his listeners.

For more information on White Owl Red, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Bandcamp, ReverbNation, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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