Kirrah Amosa's Undefeated
The cover for singer Kirrah Amosa’s R&B-pop single, ‘Undefeated.’

Artist: Kirrah Amosa

Music Video/Single: ‘Undefeated;’ Producer: Kay Ansah

Maintaining the strength and bravery to keep pursuing their personal and professional goals in life, after experiencing difficult challenges in life, especially in a relationship, can be a struggle for anyone. But up-and-coming Sydney, Australia-based singer, Kirrah Amosa is proving that anyone can find the strength to keep going, even when a situation is painful, in her new R&B-pop single, ‘Undefeated.’ The song, whose video premiered on YouTube on September 5, and was released as a single on October 5, was inspired by her determination to overcome the conflicts in her life. It’s spoken from the perspective of someone in a relationship, but can relate to anyone overcoming any struggle.

‘Undefeated’ is an empowering anthem that reminds everyone, especially women, that pretending to be strong, and putting risk on their mental health, isn’t the right way for anyone to conquer their battles. The tune also advises its listeners that being humble enough to ask for help when they need it is the best way for them to survive.

The music video for the island and tropical-driven ‘Undefeated,’ which features stand-out support from Monique, highlights Amosa as she proclaims that she doesn’t need to be validated based on how people view her. The singer’s hypnotic vocal delivery, which rivals the performances given by Grammy Award-winning musician, H.E.R, throughout her career, reminds the man in her life to not test her.

As Amosa suits up in the video, and prepares for a physical battle in the boxing ring, she proves that she can overcome any obstacle, even when he tests her, and he won’t last this round. The equally stylish and gritty blend of the musician showing her tough side by practicing in the ring, and dressing in more feminine dresses and outfits, proves that she values all sides of herself, as she proclaims that she won’t let the pain he’s trying to inflict on her defeat her.

While Amosa was writing ‘Undefeated,’ she was battling with sudden, expected waves of anxiety, and feeling isolated from the who could help her combat those emotions. She admitted that had never experienced feeling like that before, so she didn’t know any coping strategies, or how to ask for help. Since she had always been viewed as a strong, powerful person, she didn’t know how to express that she suddenly felt incredibly powerless and lonely for what seemed like no reason. But she managed to find ways to incorporate more self-care activities, such as meditation and exercise, into her life, which heavily inspired the visual look for ‘Undefeated’s video.

‘Undefeated’ proves that when people are only pretend to be strong, and therefore put risk on their mental health, they’re not living up to their full potential. It takes an emotional determined and courageous person to be humble enough to ask for help when they need it. Amosa emotionally and powerfully emphasizes that people’s truest emotions are important, and deserve to be celebrated, in a compelling anthem that reminds women to stand up for themselves. With the help of its brave video, the musician’s latest single has the message, and production value, to rightfully become a commercial hit.

For more information on Amosa, visit her official website, as well as her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

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The music video for singer Kirrah Amosa's R&B-pop single, 'Undefeated'
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