The paper published a letter comparing the outspoken Greek billionaire and the Commander in Chief–could a political career be in David’s future?

Alki David at Swissx’s flagship shop on Hollywood Boulevard with a painting of Bill Clinton by Alec Monopoly from his collection. Photo by Chris Godley

Just a day after the Los Angeles Times published a front page feature about Alki David, the tech and entertainment mogul, a new post went up comparing David to President Donald Trump.

“He’s a billionaire who calls his accuser deeply unattractive; an angry man absorbed in a plethora of legal imbroglios, possessing a desire to provoke and antagonize his opponents; and a man married three times, at least once to a ‘trophy wife,’” a concerned citizen wrote in L.A.’s paper-of-record.

Reached for comment, David said, “When I spoke about Elizabeth Taylor, I was referring to how unattractive it is in a person to lie, to connive, to conspire with others, and to be so blinded by greed that she’ll do anything her clearly unethical lawyers tell her to.”

“But whatever,” he added. “If the papers say she’s ugly what I can do?”

As for the legal imbroglios, he said, “Yes, I’ve been fighting in courts for years. I’ve fought to protect my inventions and patents. I’ve fought to protect my companies and my employees’ jobs. I’ve taken on all the major TV networks in this country in cases that went all the way to the top. This batch of claims against me are all cooked up by Lisa Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred–we have shown evidence in texts with the plaintiffs coercing eachother to join in in exchange for money and jobs.”

About the wives, he said, “And now I’ve found the perfect woman, my girlfriend who truly taught me how to love.”

And lastly about Donald Trump, he said, “Listen, Trump signed the Farm Bill which legalized hemp growing in the U.S. My company Swissx is able to grow 1000s of acres of hemp now, much of it in Puerto Rico, and that is creating jobs, lots of jobs.”
Alki David hasn’t discussed running for office but he has gotten involved with U.S. Congress. He and a blue chip D.C. lobbyist, Jeffrey Taylor, have put proposed legislation in front of the Judiciary Committees of both the House and Senate that he says would bring common sense privacy reform to the area of civil employment law. According to the Washington Examiner, the bill would give these employment cases the same privacy protections that are afforded all sides in family, medical and insurance law, precisely so that unscrupulous attorneys could not “plant” stories about their opponents to destroy their reputations-as Bloom is now known to have done on behalf of Harvey Weinstein–or Tweet the night before jury selection that a defendant she faces reminds her of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as Bloom has done.

A second letter in the post criticized the L.A. Times for publishing the feature in the first place, calling it, “flattering.”

Could Alki David stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, as Donald Trump claims he could? We’ll have to see.

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