If you are Asian-American or anyone else for that matter, you may have already heard of the movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” based on a popular novel by the same name. While this romantic comedy movie seems a little extravagant, the fact remains that it portrays the lives of many Asians in the world today. Such movies show modern, up with the times, extremely wealthy families and youth playing out their day-to-day lives. Recently, an increasing trend of portraying Asian lifestyles and culture has been emerging in mainstream movies, showing the concepts and values that some have adopted in the Asian culture.

Lots of Wealth
The main theme that is being portrayed over and over is the abundance of money and rich families. Movies such as “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Always Be My Maybe “center around a romantic everyday story; however, they reflect how a lot of Asians are very wealthy and have a lot of money, living an exuberant and expensive lifestyle. This has also affected the online gambling industry indirectly, where a lot of people have flocked to the online casino websites to play and try their luck to win the jackpot and hopefully be able to emulate the rich families and couples they see on the big screens. Offering a wide range of gambling options, daftar sbobet has something for everyone. Enchanted by the expensive lifestyle, people are tempted by the chance of changing their lives completely with the wins they can achieve out of gambling, while not risking losing much. It all depends on some luck and a good strategy.

Asian movies are strongly centered around the theme of romance and finding your true love, as we have seen in the movies mentioned. Previously, Asian romance portrayals dealt with a very small aspect of traditional relationships that seemed very foreign to outsiders. However, the new trend, which has only started to emerge, is about the introduction of diversity. Within the Asian culture, diversity in relationships has become on the rise today. Movies such as “The Sun is Also a Star” represents an Asian-American man falling in love with an African-American woman, showing that there is love to be found outside of the constraints of social norms.

Representation of Minorities
Whether you are Asian-American or an American who is curious to learn more about the Asian culture, you are more likely to be able to turn to Hollywood movies to see the representation of Asian culture on screen. More and more, minorities, including Asians, are being represented within mainstream movies. This has served a dual purpose: the portrayal of Asian culture through the main focus of the story, or a general representation of Asians in diverse movies as part of the storyline and treating Asian-Americans a normal part of society. Whereas previously, there was very little focus on Asian culture in movies, and you would need to turn to books such as Joy Luck Club and others to see a glimpse of the Asian culture.

Asian cultural concepts and representations still have a long way to go and a lot of progress still has to be achieved to portray movies that are not centralized around traditional Asian themes. But they should explore in-depth the modern everyday Asian lifestyle that has a lot to be discovered, and that resonates with a lot of people today.

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