After Arrested Development, we know Jason Bateman as a good comedic actor. At the same time, Jason got roles in Game Night and Horrible Bosses. After all, we all knew his comedic side, but oh my, he can be a perfect actor in this drama movie.

Netflix renewed Ozark for season three

Crime drama series got new season from Netflix. Creators of TV show Ozark, Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, think that the third season will be the quintessence of the main plot. Today we will cover everything you should know about the third season.

Quiet start in the second season

Ozark’s second season had a very slow start. Unlike the first season, when we see action in the very first minutes, Ozark started the second season slowly. Mark Williams promised to have a very fast-paced plot in the third season.

Bill Dubuque said that the main plot would be about Marty Byrde and his family, who signed a new contract to build the biggest casino in Missouri. Marty was a successful businessman in Chicago but could not keep up with his money scheme in a big city and located family in very little community near Ozark’s shore.

The plot of the third season – Evolving around Casino

We don’t know a lot about the third season, but we can guess from the ending of the second season. As you may know, Marty Byrde opened the biggest casino in the state. Some journalists had a chance to chat with Mark Williams about the third season, and they may know some insider things. Rumors suggest that Marty Byrde could follow real-life examples of Casino online platforms. Marty could build not only offline but also online gaming center in Missouri. Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams take inspiration from the real-life successful gaming industry, and that’s why the plot will evolve around Missouri’s biggest Casino venue.

Jason Bateman’s on and off-camera skills

Do you know that Jason directed six series of Ozark out of 20? He is so good behind the camera that Mark and Bill gave him a chance to lead not one but six series in the second season.

Overall, the second season was a real success. TV Series got nominations from Emmys and Golden Globe. Jason Bateman himself got an award for directing trophy from 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards. Julia Garner also won the award for the best-supporting actress, so the second season was a massive recognition for series overall.

Jason tweeted that Ozark got season three, and they will negotiate on the fourth season also. At the same time, the cast will be the same, and we can find a date later from Netflix officials.

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