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Diane Patterson’s Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing Single Review


Diane Patterson’s Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing Single Review

Singer-songwriter Diane Patteron releases her new accoustic-folk-Americana single, ‘Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing.’

Artist: Diane Patteron: music, lyrics, guitar and vocals

Single: ‘Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing’

Songs often provide a meaningful platform for musicians to implore their listeners to support the much-needed changes that modern society needs. But the versatile and talented Bay Area folk artist, Diane Patterson, is commendably infusing her support into the unique idea of keeping some things the way they currently are into her newly released single, ‘Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing.’

The singer-songwriter’s latest accoustic-folk-Americana track celebrates the deep, old-time connection between people and their land and music. She earnestly expresses her belief in the importance of people singing to, and about, not only their land, but also their-and all-people.

‘Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing’ begins with the evocative strumming of Patterson’s acoustic guitar, which enthrallingly transition into the background as a way to support her alluring vocals. Her words will surely resonate with her listeners, as she distinctively reflects on, and celebrates, how the land she calls home has shaped and influenced her life. She also captivatingly croons that in order for people to appreciate their present life and future, they must also appreciate the past of their community.

The nuanced, lively textures of Patterson’s strumming her acoustic guitar throughout her new tune creates and maintains a powerful and meaningfuly landscape that highlight her musical talents and social beliefs. ‘Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing’s unique personality immediately evokes a sense of togetherness and unity that refuses to give up hope, especially through such lyrics as your song sustains, your air remains.

‘Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing’ features a relatable lyrical and instrumental quality that isn’t always apparent in the folk and Americana genres, but deserves to be noticed. Combining her unique female perspective on celebrating people’s connections to their land through her potent songwriting and acoustic guitar playing make Patterson’s latest single essential to the current cultural environment. The singer’s emotionally charged, powerful vocals, combined with the minimalist approach to her guitar playing, perfectly complement each other, and help her deliver a memorable performance.

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Diane Patteron's accoustic-folk-Americana Single, 'Somewhere There's a Song Still Singing'
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