Seattle-based band, The Refusers, has released its rock single, ‘Love Never Fails.’

Band: The Refusers; Michael Belkin: vocals and guitars; Steve Newton: bass and background vocals; Joe Doria: Hammond organ and piano; and Brendan Hill: drums

Single: ‘Love Never Fails’

While many Americans routinely argue over their bureaucratic beliefs, there’s one ideal that people often do agree on, especially since the 2016 presidential election-that divisive political discourse keeps spinning out of control. Like many other entertainers who have recently spoken out against the America’s institutional status quo, the Seattle-based band, The Refusers, is the one of the latest groups to express their discontent with how the government is currently being handled.

On their new rock single, ‘Love Never Fails,’ the band, which is led by singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer-founder Michael Belkin, powerfully voices its concerns about America’s ongoing social injustices. The vocalist leads an epic call to refuse to accept the unbalanced way things currently are, and fight back against corrupt officials.

‘Love Never Fails,’ which is The Refusers’ uplifting anthem for modern American society, highlights Belkin’s fiery and piercing determination to bring attention to the corrupt and divisive nature of the country’s current national government. The former Wall Street insider is refusing to accept the troubling way things currently are, and fight back. The group’s latest song emphasizes the uplifting message that society often fail to embrace: that that love is always going to shine, even in desperate times.

Drawing inspiration from such classic musicians as The Beatles and Marvin Gaye, who also had the courage to write and sing about this universal truth, Belkin powerfully croons meaningful lyrics that chronicle how love will always shine and is patient. Also noting that true love doesn’t include envy, anger or pride, and is instead always strong, the vocalist strongly proclaims the track’s title: love never fails.

The infectious, mid-tempo ‘Love Never Fails’ is uniquely different from some of The Refusers’ earlier punk, hard-edged sound, particularly with its backing classic guitars and drums. But the inspirational, authentic rock tune about unselfish love is one of the band’s most memorable efforts, as its lyrics forgo the typical messages that often appear in love songs, such as lust or superficial love. The single effortlessly shows how fragile prosperity is now. It also notes how society can quickly shift into hard times, which is when true love is needed the most, and patience and forbearance are crucial.

For more information on The Refusers, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook, Twitter and Spotify pages.

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The Refusers' rock single, 'Love Never Fails'
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