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Nived’s Self-Titled EP Review


Nived’s Self-Titled EP Review

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Nived has released his debut EP.

Artist: Nived

EP: ‘Nived’

Transcending typical expectations to create their own, unique voice that compellingly separates them from their contemporaries is a powerful, expressive journey for any musician. That’s certainly the case for Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Nived, who effortlessly and creatively blends elements of industrial emo, alt-rock and dark pop on his new four-track self-titled EP. The emerging musician distinctively blends emotionally honest lyrics with seductively enticing and gripping electronic instrumentals.

The ‘Nived’ EP reflects the vocalist’s current taste in making music, and how he has finally developed into the artist he wants to be on the Music City scene, and tell the stories he wants to share. He naturally emphasizes the emotional honesty that he feels while contending with personal relationships, particularly the anger and frustration that he feels in life and love.

While all four songs on Nived’s first EP clock in at just under three minutes in length, each one leaves lasting emotional effects, due to their relatable and memorable lyrics. The musician doesn’t just showcase how Nashville has shaped his songwriting, but how all of his musical influences have turned him into an unprecedented artist, as well.

The ‘Nived’ EP begins with the atmospheric, self-reflective emo track, ‘See.’ Supported by an up-tempo beat, the magical, seductive vibe makes the tune one of the best and noteworthy entries on the release. Starting off with a hip-hop, electronic-driven instrumental introduction, the singer emotionally croons about how his romantic relationship has been falling apart from the time it started. He ponders if the woman in his life can even see what she’s doing to him, and if he has to be someone other than himself in the relationship, which is slowly unraveling.

‘See’ is followed by another enticingly contemporary and vulnerable emo entry, ‘Shame.’ The EP’s sultry, moody and seductive sophomore tune features Nived admitting that he has no shame at all. He adds that he wants the woman he’s involved with to do whatever she wants with him, because he’s ready to risk his heart again. He also intensely expresses that she can drag her feelings out forever, as his feelings won’t change about their bond.

The penultimate song on Nived’s EP is its one true ballad, the theatrical ‘Cry.’ The moody, immersive track follows the musician as he contemplates his past as an impulsive, temperamental teenager who had no idea just how to contend the emotional turmoil he was living through. Supported by his signature electronic alt-rock guitar, he admits that he doesn’t want to say goodbye to the woman in his life, and wants to say everything will be alright in their relationship. However, he also doesn’t want to continue the heartbreak in their lives, as he cries while reflecting on their love.

Nived’s self-titled debut EP ends with the dark alternative rock entry, ‘Shadow,’ which is driven by gritty guitar beats. The musician wrote the tune during a time when he felt he was just living his life on a repetitious cycle, and he admitted that he wasn’t happy. The song’s lyrics helped him embrace the process of breaking free from the repetitive, oppressive nature of his former existence.

Nived naturally defies music industry expectations as he creates his own personal expressions that stunningly separate him from his contemporaries. On his dynamic, impressive musical journey, he innovatively blends elements of industrial emo, alt-rock and dark pop on his self-titled EP. The emerging singer-songwriter distinctively mixes emotional honesty with seductive enticement on the senses through his gripping electronic instrumentals and relatable and memorable lyrics. The overall prolific results will surely leave listeners longing for more tracks from the up-and-coming visionary musician, who proves that not every singer from Tennessee’s capital city has to be a country star.

For more information on Nived, visit his official website, as well as his SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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