Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Reed Waddle, releases a two-song EP preview of his upcoming album, ‘Time the River.’

Artist: Reed Waddle

EP: ‘Time the River’

Contending with deeply personal-and equally universal-experiences is a powerful motivator for many musicians. Award-winning singer, Reed Waddle is one such musician, who effortlessly crafts emotional narratives that are based on his background and the occurrences in his life as a working Nashville songwriter.

In the midst of the current Covid-19 crisis, Waddle’s making a stunning return to recording music. He’s unveiling the first two tracks off of his upcoming acoustic Americana-indie pop album, ‘Time the River,’ which mark his first release in eight years, and is set to be distributed next Friday, April 24. The songs perfectly highlight his personal musical style, including his stunning, eclectic vibe as an acoustic/rock-n-roll singer-songwriter, as well as a classic California country musician who’s inspired by such Grammy Award-winners as Neil Young and Tom Petty.

Waddle’s new EP features two dynamic, emotional tunes, which begins with the lively and spirited entry, ‘Too Bright to Fade Away.’ The gospel-inspired pop-rock song, which is an encouraging love letter to oneself, is set to serve as the first single off of ‘Time the River.’ Supported by beautiful guitar strumming, he croons about the importance of holding on in any situation, and fighting to maintain himself, no matter what battles and hardships he faces. He also emotionally proclaims the title, that people are too bright to fade away. The track, which is reminiscent of music from such fellow acoustic pop-rock singer-songwriter-guitarists as John Mayer and Jack Johnson, is one of best songs of 2020 so far.

‘Too Bright to Fade Away’ is followed by the equally soulful and reflective ballad, ‘Bells of Brooklyn.’ The musician penned the gritty and revolutionary tune as an ode to the time he spent living and working on his music career in the title New York City borough. Set against emotional acoustic guitars and strings, Reed sentimentally ponders how he ended up where he currently is in his life. The soulful, calming and reflective introspective of how he had to take a lot pf wrong steps before he could arrive to where he belonged in his life gives the song a sense of relatability, and will surely leave listeners wanting to hear its powerful lyrics and instrumentals on repeat.

The two new entries from Waddle’s upcoming record, ‘Time the River,’ which appear on his new advance EP, powerfully reflect the singer-songwriter’s feelings that he’s never felt more alive. The soulful Americana-indie pop songs feature captivating acoustic instrumentals as a powerful backdrop to the musician’s riveting lyrics. The
musician’s relatable words on both ‘Too Bright To Fade Away’ and ‘Bells of Brooklyn’ perfectly capture the public’s feelings that everyone takes a lot of wrong steps until they can get to where they’re supposed to be in life.

Waddle naturally crafts emotional narratives that are based on his background and the occurrences in his life as a working Nashville songwriter. The tracks admirably highlight his personal musical style, including his sensational, eclectic vibe as an acoustic/rock-n-roll and classical California country singer-songwriter, which make them two of the standout tunes of the year so far.

For more information on Waddle, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube and Google Play pages.

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Singer-songwriter Reed Waddle's two-song acoustic Americana-indie pop EP preview of his album, 'Time the River'
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