The Brothers Union has released its alternative-indie-punk-rock single, ‘A Thousand Tiny Cuts.’

Band: The Brothers Union; Mike O’Reilly: guitar and vocals; Sean O’Reilly: bass and vocals; Alec Wagstaff: drums; and Jon Wagstaff: guitar

Single: ‘A Thousand Tiny Cuts’

Preserving a universal purpose and camaraderie in any relationship can be a continuous battle for anyone. That process can be even more challenging for siblings and life-long friends who decide to work together. The Asbury Park, New Jersey-based band, The Brothers Union, has found a way to overcome their differences in order to present a united front in their captivating, unique songs. The quartet features a lineup that includes two sets of siblings-Mike and Sean O’Reilly and Alec and Jon Wagstaff-who have known each other since elementary school, and have done whatever it takes to remain friends through adulthood.

The group, which formed in 2016, is once again passionately proving its signature characteristic of being soulful songwriters, who have powerful emotive vocals that are driven by dynamic electric guitars, on its follow-up to its two-song EP, ‘Silhouettes,’ which was released last spring. The musicians prove once what again what established and stunningly talent and confidence singers and instrumentalists they have by showing their heartfelt, acoustic side on their latest alternative-indie-punk-rock single, ‘A Thousand Tiny Cuts,’ which is set to be included on their upcoming album, ‘Pain and the Opposite.’

The band’s new track continues their signature vibe as soulful songwriters, who interweave powerful emotive vocals with dynamic instrumentals, including the guitar and drums. Supported by alluring guitars riffs and drum beats that are reminiscent of the powerful instruments that helped make the rock genre so prominent in the 1980s and ’90s, support the authoritative and dynamic vocals of Mike, who serves as The Brothers Union’s lead singer.

‘A Thousand Tiny Cuts’ compellingly chronicles the equally painful and rewarding relationship the musicians have experienced. Mike smoothly and commandingly croons about how the person in his life who he’s singing about is floating through the days, and they’re not quite sure which way to go. He also reflects on the fact that as the years go by, his loved one tries to do what’s best for them, but the cards don’t always line up for them to find success and happiness.

The singer also accepts the fact that he’ll be the scapegoat in their relationship, as he catches all the thousand tiny cuts of pain in their connection. Listeners will surely feel his anguish as he emotionally croons that he feels all the pain on the inside. While he chronicles his moments of agony, he also surprisingly admits that it’s okay for them to be propelled into the deep end, as the experience will inspire them to work harder to build a better life together. The emotionally touching message of people fighting through any obstacle to be who they truly are makes ‘A Thousand Tiny Cuts’ a stand-out, gripping and emotional single that deserves to be noticed and admired by mainstream radio.

There is always a tough love dynamic present in any relationship, whether the connections between siblings, friends, colleagues or romantic partners. The Brothers Union’s latest single, ‘A Thousand Tiny Cuts,’ perfectly highlights that no matter how difficult the battle to preserve a relationship that’s equally harrowing and supportive is, in the end, the fight is worth it.

The united front that’s presented on the relatable, realistic lyrics and captivating instrumentals highlights how the equally painful and rewarding relationships that the musicians-and surely their listeners-have experienced can make their connections ultimately even stronger. The meaningful, significant and emotional anthem deserves to be noticed and admired by the quartet’s new and returning fans.

For more information on The Brothers Union, visit the band’s official website, as well as their Bandcamp, Google Play Music, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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The Brothers Union's alternative-indie-punk-rock single, 'A Thousand Tiny Cuts'
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