The cover for singer-songwriter Rob Alexander’s adult contemporary-rock-pop album, ‘Being Myself.’

Artist: Rob Alexander; musicians: Gabe Lopez: keyboards and drums; Robbie Angelucci: acoustic and electric guitars; Kevin Taylor: acoustic guitar; Matt Bissonette: bass; Kim Bullard: keyboards; John Mahon: drums and percussion; Rick Keller: saxophone; Brian Brigham: backing vocals

Album: ‘Being Myself;’ Producer: Gabe Lopez

Sharing sweeping melodies and a plethora of emotion with listeners is a powerful journey for musicians who naturally and instinctively convey their thoughts through their songs. That’s certainly true for South Florida-based adult contemporary musician, Rob Alexander, who released his 15-track, second pop-rock album, ‘Being Myself,’ last fall.

The singer-songwriter shares his earnest signature sound throughout the entirety of ‘Being Myself,’ which includes melodic, piano-driven entries that feature sweeping vocals and catchy hooks and memorable choruses. Alexander, whose sound is similar to such Grammy Award-winners as Elton John, Billy Joel and Neil Diamond, also infuses his own deep vibrant timber into his sultry and raspy vocals, which helps infuse the songs with an equally theatrical, thoughtful and sentimental feel.

‘Being Myself’ begins with the radio cut of the track, ‘This Hollywood Road,’ which is one of the best tunes on the record. The inspirational entry, which is supported by luminous guitar riffs and crisp drum beats, features Alexander’s signature warm, rich and powerful vocals. The vibrant pop song chronicles the singer’s sentiment that sometimes he feel like forgiving, so that he can strut down the title Hollywood road to a better life. With its pulsating beat that’s reminiscent of George Michael tracks from the 1980s make it one of the most noteworthy tunes on the record.

‘This Hollywood Road’ then transitions into ‘Being Myself’s second entry, its title track, on which Alexander’s vocals are reminiscent of John’s voice. The quintessential adult contemporary-pop song offers the musician and his listeners a sense of catharsis, as he proclaims that if the world is out to get him, he won’t be afraid. The message of the tune is all about being yourself, despite the difficulties that may arise as a result. The serious, important and uplifting lyrics are supported by a surprisingly breezy and happy melody and vibe from the up-tempo saxophone and guitar.

Another noteworthy entry on the album is the radio cut of its fourth song, ‘Life As We Know It,’ which is an ’80’s-inspired track that features the musicality of Joel. Also incorporating signature pop-rock genre keys, piano and brass, the singer’s stunning vocals encourage his listeners to live in the moment, as he croons that he won’t get in his own way.

‘Life As We Know It’ is followed by the radio cut for ‘Being Myself’s fifth entry, ‘Never Gonna Let You Go,’ which is the first single from the record. Alexander wrote the song after the passing of one of his closest friends this past year, and its gorgeous melody will surely remain with the listeners long after the the track is over.

The sweet love tune shows the musician’s powerful vocal rang that’s once again reminiscent of John, and is supported by a soulful piano. He croons about the importance of embracing the light, in order to cast away the shadows, even when he’s in a fragile state of mind. While he’s also emotional and contemplative over the state of his relationship, he proclaims the importance of taking a huge leap of faith with the person he loves, in order to cast away their personal demons.

The musician’s latest record begins to wind down with its penultimate 14th entry, ‘Kaden.’ The sweet love track, which continues Alexander’s reminiscence of John’s vocals, is supported at first by a slow, enthralling guitar beat that surprisingly transforms into a harder rock beat half-way through its four-and-a-half-minute runtime.

The rocking tune is followed by ‘Being Myself’s last entry, ‘Loved By You,’ which is a symbolic ending to an album that’s dedicated to love. Featuring sensuous blues-flavored tones and supported by a captivating, passionate organ, the singer croons about how the person he loves took him by surprise, as he reflects the ending of their relationship. He admits that fate led them to land where they’re supposed to be, as he contemplates how love has taken a hold of his heart.

The songs that are featured throughout ‘Being Myself’ are a lively blend of soulful ballads and pulsating pop-rock anthems. Alexander’s vocals, which bear a resemblance to John, also mark his place in the adult contemporary world, as he also has his own sultry rasp. The musician’s latest record features a rich sound and nostalgic feeling in its vocals, which are set against passionate instrumentals and arrangements. The singer-songwriter’s soothing collection of tracks offer a heartfelt nod of respect to the notion of fighting over the difficulties faced in love. The fifteen exquisitely engineered tunes, which are an anthology of one man’s journey into love, are a refreshing reminder of how life can truly change a person’s perspective.

For more information on Alexander, visit his Facebook and Spotify pages.

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