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Lisa Bloom Caught Snatching Autistic Kids’ Sex Abuse Cash


Lisa Bloom Caught Snatching Autistic Kids’ Sex Abuse Cash

The disgraced formerly-feminist celebrity lawyer and Harvey Weinstein pal, has filed liens against families of autistic kids abused in California school districts blocking their money until she get’s her cut–despite having abandoned the case before it ended; Bloom faces new State Bar complaints

In a shockingly brazen cash grab–even for a greedy TV star — Lisa Bloom has been called out for filing liens against the families of sexual abuse victims who won their case against various California school districts, NBC News reported.

Bloom is blocking the victims from receiving any funds despite having walked out on the case in March, according to the families’ lawyer Micha Star Liberty of Oakland, CA.

“I’m focused on trying to get justice for my special needs clients who were physically abused or sexually assaulted. Lisa Bloom’s only focus seems to be how she can make a profit no matter who gets hurt,” Liberty told Shockya.

The families have all filed ethics complaints with the State Bar of California against Bloom and four other members of her firm. This recent action joins the chorus of complaints over ethics against Bloom going back to her case against Rep. Tony Cardenza–which she with withdrew from for ethics violations that may have include a false complaint from the plaintiff. Bloom was also shown in the case Elizabeth Taylor v. Alki David to have helped coach witnesses, help doctor evidence, and fabricate testimony in a trial that ended in a hung jury. (Jurors told the press that they found Bloom’s client Elizabeth “Butterfield 8” Taylor to be “not credible.”) In that case, Bloom was also shown to be lying about working with her mother, Gloria Allred, to divide up various co-conspirators as clients going after the tech mogul and collaborate on evidence. Gloria Allred is under investigation by the California State Bar for her firm’s unethical actions in a related case, Mahim Kahn v. Alki David, and David has vowed further legal action against both The Bloom Firm and Allred, Goldberg and Maroko.

This week Bloom was ordered to pay Bruce Weber a fine related to presenting a fake expert — who was found out when she refused to answer questions that would prove she was merely a paid hack.

Some of the parents in the California school sex abuse cases voiced concern about Lisa Bloom’s involvement in their case because of her association with serial rapist Harvey Weinstein. Then in the fall, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey of The New York Times and Ronan Farrow of The New Yorker published books with further allegations that Bloom had created plans for how to discredit sexual misconduct claims against Weinstein.

“I was appalled to learn about her conduct and aggressive tactics,” a parent identified in court papers as Ron V., whose autistic daughter was allegedly physically assaulted by a Vacaville Unified School District bus driver, said in a declaration. “She was the opposite of what I thought abuse victims’ advocates should be and although I did not want her associated with my daughter’s case, I remained silent.”

Insiders close to The Bloom Firm say she decided to withdraw from the sex abuse case because the COVID-19 pandemic was hurting her bottom line and she needed to cut funds–never mind her self-aggrandizing talk about victims rights.

“Disgusting,” said an attorney who has followed Bloom’s humiliating fall over last two years. “Embarrassing. Disgraceful. She needs to be disbarred now.”

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