Along with the best produce and other farm goods in the region, shoppers can now get Swissx’s healthy lifestyle products as a subscription with a special discount code

Visitors to the Malibu Farmers Market can now meet Swissx, the team behind the purest hemp products in person, and learn about the way they can help local farmers create a new path toward both financial and environmental sustainability. (The market is open, rain or shine, every Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm).

Swissx is offering a new subscription box–every month an array of healthy hemp lifestyle products will be shipped to your door. Malibu Farmers Market customers can get the deal at half price for a limited time. Just go to and use the code MFM20 to get 50% off.

All Swissx products are pure and contain only the compounds from hemp that aid in inflammation, reduced anxiety and pain and other health benefits–none of the compounds that have psychoactive effects.

The Malibu Farmers Marketing has been called L.A.’s best kept secret by Goop, and TMZ has featured it saying it’s the safest market during pandemic times. More info here.

Swissx is also distributing hemp seeds to local farmers at the market and talking to them about it’s cooperative farming program and available microloans for supplies. Swissx provides the seeds and guarantees it will but all flower–and farmers can get started with as little as two acres.

By Jeff Stevens

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