The debut still from writer-director Christopher Beyrooty and Connor Martin’s psychological horror thriller, ‘Do Not Disturb.’

Art is creepily mirroring reality in the new horror movie, ‘Do Not Disturb,’ which has begun production this month at a legendary hotel in Hollywood. To celebrate the beginning of the psychological thriller’s filming, its production company, The Komack Company, has released the debut still from the first day of shooting.

‘Do Not Disturb’ was written, and being directed by, Christopher Beyrooty and Connor Martin. Executive producer Brendan Hines, as well as Kevin Daniels and Tatjana Marjanovic have recently joined the cast of the the drama, which will also features Jey Reynolds and Ola Kaminska.

Since “we had to take a germ of an idea from conception through production at the speed of light, we embraced a fully collaborative effort and leaned on each other as artists to accomplish the seemingly impossible,” mentioned Beyrooty and Martin. Meanwhile, “our small, technical and highly resourceful team gave us the flexibility to craft memorable and intimate moments with the talent on set…I’m sure down the road the making of this film will be one of our fondest memories, and we are truly grateful to contribute our story during an unimaginable historical moment.”

Set during a global pandemic that limits the possibility of travel, ‘Do Not Disturb’ follows a honeymooning couple as they get stranded at an historic Hollywood Hotel, where a skeleton staff of two employees tend to them. When tensions escalate amidst a forced lockdown, it becomes apparent there is more to fear at the storied hotel than just cabin fever.

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