Today we celebrate all things CBD, so Alki David has slashed prices of his already amazing deal: an assortment of the purest CBD products delivered to your door every month

It’s National CBD Day. Who knew? But it’s a sign of the universal acceptance of the health benefits of Nature’s medicine. In honor of that Alki David, the CEO of Swissx, has decreed from his Malibu mansion (which doubles as a consulate for the island nation Antigua) that the famous Swissx monthly subscription box should be made available to all at an absolutely insane price.

Now you can get $200 of CBD (and CBG and a even some THC!) products from Swissx and partners for the unheard of price of $90. This includes oils, prerolls, soaps, chocolates and more. Your first box will even include a Swissx Labs cap and t-shirt. It’s all in the Swissx Variety Gift Box.

Just go to and enter the code TKTKTKTK with your order.

CBD is known to fight inflammation, reduce pain, and aid in the treatment of many issues such as depression, insomnia, PTSD and even MS.

“I’m happy to give people this incredible deal,” Alki David told Shockya when we asked how he could possibly be doing this. “Ultimately I’m doing this to spread the news of the incredible benefits of plant-based medicine. We’re at the forefront of a real revolution. Plus, It’s ‘For the Higher Good!’”

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