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Greek Billionaire’s Anti- COVID Scamdemic Push Hits Australia


Greek Billionaire’s Anti- COVID Scamdemic Push Hits Australia

It started in a Swiss supermarket. 48 hours later a police report had been filed against one of the world’s biggest banks and people as far away as Sydney were citing Alki David’s revelations when they tore off their masks

“Call the police, call them!” said Alki David during a scuffle at the COOP supermarket in Bern, Switzerland. The Greek billionaire and tech mogul had done his shopping maskless after posting several talks on Instagram urging people not to give in to the worldwide “Scamdemic” — the fear driven crackdown on civil liberties he contends is being perpetrated by China to bring the West to its knees. It’s number one partner: Deutsche Bank and its CEO Christian Sewing, who David says pushed the bogus PCR test on the Germany Ministry of Health in order to create false positives for Coronavirus worldwide.  

Now in Sydney, Australia, the popular dessert store Love Crepe’s co-founder Nick Kondilis has repeatedly shared posts on his Facebook page mocking the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine and the need for mask orders. He credits Alki David with opening his eyes to the “Crime against humanity” that Deutsche Bank and the Chinese Communist Party are enacting on the world. The Australian altercation was reported by the Daily Mail.

Love Crepe faces a $200 fine for not enforcing the local order to wear masks.

Alki David has offered a million dollars to whoever can get a complaint against Deutsche Bank’s Christian Sewing to be taken up as a formal charge by Interpol. He published his own complaint, filed in Switzerland, on his streaming TV site and urged people all over the world to, “Simply step into your local police station and file a complaint against Christian Sewing and Deutsche Bank for crimes against humanity.”

Read the full story on Alki David’s complaint against Christian Sewing here.


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