The media now has a name to show Left wing agitators were at the Capitol on January 6; John Sullivan–a man so radical Black Lives Matter kicked him out — has a family history of dangerous behavior

Air Force Major General Kevin Sullivan was caught giving nuclear fuses to who knows who…Now his son has been indicted for involvement with the attack on the Capitol.

With the sketchy cover story that he was making a documentary on the attack on the capitol on January 6, John Sullivan was on the front lines of seemingly every moment of the melee. He was there when Asli Babbit was shot. He was there when the guy in the furs and face paint took the dias. He was there when windows were being broken. How did he manage to be everywhere at once?

More disturbingly, who is he really? Rolling Stone reports his language was so violent and dangerous that Black Lives Matter voted him out. Certainly no legitimate news company would hire a liability like him. Like so much going on, we have to look at the bigger picture, and the darker forces at work.

John’s father is “Retired” Major General Kevin J. Sullivan of the U.S. Airforce. He was caught in a shady deal transferring nuclear fuses via Taiwan. The official paper work swept it under the rug — and sent him off with a slap on the wrist — forced retirement — in order to keep the indecent quiet.  But even Acting Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told NBC News at the time, “I cannot ignore the breach of trust.” Read this to mean–too many people knew about what happened to just keep it secret.

“The unleashing of the fuses wasn’t discovered until 2008,” an aerospace industry analyst with  intelligence ties and knowledge of the case  told us. “Who knows what else he gave away before he was caught and to whom. Our best guess is that Beijing was working to get supplies through to Tehran. ”

Sullivan went on to take a lucrative job brokering military contracts – a typical ‘hush money” type deal.  

“Here’s how it looks to me,” said the analyst. “Dad was sidelined. The son was indoctrinated–turned into a Trojan Horse for the Chinese. Maybe he thought it was for ideological reasons — at the bottom levels people often do — but at its core it almost certainly involved massive amounts of money.”

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