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Tips to Hiring a Video Production Company in London


Tips to Hiring a Video Production Company in London

Investing in a video production company for your business can be a hit or a miss depending on how the company represents your brand.

Usually, businesses that do not have a clear idea of what they should expect in producing video content often end up making the wrong hiring decision. But your business should never be part of the negative statistics.

Being that we want all your videos to be a hit, here are top tips to hiring a video production company in London:

Set clear objectives

Your video production should not be treated as a trial and error project. You should lay out your objectives to know exactly what you are looking for in a production company.

Objectives should be part of a content brief that equally offers information on your target audience and your business at large. It should also include the key information that you want to pass across through the video.

You will find that putting this information together will renew your focus and give your production company clear-cut requirements of what you want.

Thus, you will find out whether the production team can deliver according to your expectations or not. Ultimately, you will streamline your search and not waste time with the wrong company.

Create a list of companies to approach

When hiring London and Manchester production studios, there are three ways that you can use to come across companies that will meet your needs:

Look for well-produced videos from your favorite brands on social channels as they will let you know the name of the video production agency as well as the quality of production.

Seek out recommendations from other brands or marketers as they will give you referrals on the best production companies that they have previously worked with.

Conduct Google searches on the best video production companies in London. Simply type in “video production London” or “video production Manchester” into your Google search box and you will end up with plenty of results. Thereafter you can narrow them down to a few of your favorites.

Meet with the potential production company

A face to face or online meeting with your potential video production company will give you a good idea of the quality of interaction and the demonstrated knowledge.

 Discuss quality assurance, deadlines, budgets and address any other concerns that you may have. You should be able to tell whether the company is a good fit or not after your interaction.


When hiring a video production company in London, being clear about your timeline, budget and expectations are paramount to your success.

You do not want to settle on a company that will under-deliver. Most importantly, never compromise on your needs.

If a company does not check all your important boxes, it is best to move on and find one that does. As long as you know this, you will create the right parameters for your video production project.

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