The cover album for singer-songwriter Kenn Garrity’s alt-country-pop-rock debut album, ‘Get Big.’

Artist: Keen Garrity (Real name: Rebekah Burchfield): Vocals, piano, organ, synthesizers, bass and drum programming

Album: ‘Get Big;’ All songs written, produced and recorded by Keen Garrity; Mixed by Matty Harris; Lead guitars by Will Malone.

Everyone faces difficult challenges in their lives that they’re forced to conquer, but the way they handle overcoming those obstacles truly defines their character. Versatile singer-songwriter, Rebekah Burchfield, who’s professionally know by her stage name, Keen Garrity, powerfully showcases how she builds up her ego when she’s faced with challenging situation on her newly released debut album, ‘Get Big.’ On the eight-track record, the musician blends her unique vocal and instrumental sounds into a high-concept narrative journey that highlights how she fortifies her self-worth.

The Knoxville, Tennessee native, who now lives in Toledo, Ohio, has deep country music roots that she stunningly interweaves with elements of alternative-pop-rock to create her unique eclectic signature sound. Garrity, who drew inspiration from such artists as Neko Case, St. Vincent and Bonnie Prince Billy for ‘Get Big,’ which she also produced, crafted a landscape of haunting melodies to support her distinct lyrical concepts. Each entry on the album is distinctly original in its grand instrumental arrangements, but are notably connected by their surreal, dark messages, which are stunningly relatable.

‘Get Big’ begins with one of its best songs, ‘Shotgun.’ Driven by free-spirited pop-rock guitars and drums, Garrity croons about how she wants to start a new journey and have fun with a new love interest, but her past pain and fears are preventing her from truly exploring their romantic potential. She compares her trauma to a parasitic twin who always refuses to back down, so she knows she has to let her potential romantic partner go. Despite its unsettling subject matter at times, the alt-country indie pop track has the potential to be included in a movie score for a romantic comedy with its upbeat tempo and instrumentals that have an early 2000s vibe to them.

The record’s initial tune transitions into the sophomore effort, ‘Casting You Out.’ The song, which features a more serious vocal and instrumental tone than its predecessor, features intense rock bass and guitar riffs, which highlight the musician’s fierce nature in her vocals. She fiercely belts out that while she doesn’t know what has shifted in her recently, which is a change that everyone in her life has picked up on, she has begun to realize that the man who has done her wrong has led her to start fearlessly defending herself. She also strongly notes that she’s now unafraid to cast out her demons, particularly any man who does her wrong, in the standout track.

Another endearing entry on ‘Get Big’ is its fourth tune, ‘Broken One,’ which is driven by an emotionally alluring interweaving of classical rock-inspired piano chords and guitar riffs. The song’s fierce vocals, which are reminiscent of Amy Lee’s singing while she headlined Evanescence in the early 2000s, highlight what an independent, empowering female leader Garrity is as she admits that she knows her faults, and can’t be fixed by her relationship.

The up-and-coming singer’s debut album begins to wind down with its penultimate track, ‘What You Put in It.’ Backed by a gritty blend of rock and country-infused drum beats and guitar riffs, Garrity croons that she has seen the shame that the man she’s involved in has been carrying all along. She also emotionally reveals that it’s bittersweet to admit that he’s wrong, as she once again stands up for herself.

‘Get Big’ comes to a passionate conclusion with one of its best entries, ‘Statuesque.’ The indie pop-infused tune, which features a flair of alluring rock guitar riffs, reminders listeners how self-sufficient the musician is one last time. She croons that she’s ready to leave her pre-conceived image and influences behind, and honor who she truly is, as she ponders how the world will view her as a metaphorical statue of her legacy is built. Garrity is willing to share all of her failures and sins with the world, as she no longer wants to hide in the shadows.

The resourceful, alluring singer-songwriter is effortlessly proving her natural musical talents as a storyteller who can adapt to any circumstance on ‘Get Big.’ Her recently released debut record features a high-concept narrative journey that highlights her ability to continuously fortify her self-worth, no matter who tries to bring her down. Through her unique eclectic signature sound, Garrity crafted a landscape of haunting melodies to support her distinct lyrical concepts. Each entry on the album is distinctly original in its grand instrumental arrangements, but are notably intertwined by their surreal, dark messages, which are stunningly relatable, and won’t soon be forgotten.

For more information on Garrity, visit her official website, as well as her Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp and Youtube pages.

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