The cover for singer-songwriter-instrumentalist Flyght Club’s psychedelic-alternative rock-electronic-pop single, ‘Those American Eyes.’

Artist: Flyght Club (Stage name of Shauvik Sharan): bass, guitar, vocals, keys, synths, vocoder and samples; Sandeep Kumar: Sitar; and Hriday Jain: Drums

Single: ‘Those American Eyes;’ Released: February 28, 2021 on digital platforms; self produced, recorded, mixed and mastered

Refusing to give up on their dreams, and persistently courting those ambitions, even during times of adversity, is a powerful indicator of people’s strong-will and determination. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Shauvik Sharan, who goes by the stage name of his contemporary music project, Flyght Club, is showcasing his resolve in his pursuit of achieving his due recognition in America on his recently released pop-rock single, ‘Those American Eyes.’

Sharan, who grew up in Pune, India, decided to move to California five years ago to pursue a career in music and achieve his dream of being recognized in the global music industry. While growing up, he took inspiration from such classic rock artists as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd, which built his strong foundation in music, particularly in mastering his skills playing the guitar.

Deciding to move to L.A. was a smart decision for the musician, who began his career by winning rock band and DJing competitions in his native India. His experiences of living and working in America allowed him to create stunningly genuine lyrics and instrumentals that worldwide audiences can relate to on ‘Those American Eyes.’ The track’s seemingly light-hearted and melodic lead vocals really showcase Sharan’s struggles of staying in America, which he believes is really the country of opportunities, especially for an immigrant singer like himself.

Set against a stunning blend of Indian and American-infused instrumentals, including expert strumming on the electric guitar and sitar, the artist emotes his appreciation for the opportunities he has been given in L.A. The tune personifies the U.S. as a woman with enticing work freedoms, to which he croons about him doing whatever it takes to hold onto his dream of succeeding as a musician.

‘Those American Eyes’ perfectly blends Sharan’s signature progressive and psychedelic rock, world, indie pop and electric vocals and instrumentals as he chronicles his pursuit of achieving his ultimate goal-global recognition in the music industry. Taking inspiration, and learning how to master playing the guitar, from his rock music idols, the singer-instrumentalist began his professional journey by becoming both a successful guitarist in local bands and DJ in his native city of Pune before he moved to California to pursue his dream of becoming recognized worldwide.

Sharan is surely on the right path to become an international superstar with the release of ‘Those American Eyes.’ His latest single perfectly captures his gratitude of being granted numerous chances to achieve his dream of becoming a successful singer, songwriter and instrumentalist around the world. With the fusion of Indian and American-infused vocals and instrumentals, the universally relatable theme of wanting to be recognized for his talents is enthrallingly showcased in the musician’s new tune, which has the potential to become an international commercial hit.

For more information on Sharan, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Youtube pages.

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