“Even at the edge of the world, you can’t escape your demons.”

Brought to you by esteemed British filmmaker Mem Ferda (Co-Producer) and director Jon Silverberg, the enigmatic new thriller Woodland is a spellbinding masterpiece that will have you on the edge of your seat. Set in 1989, Richard Harmon stars as Jake, a photojournalist who journeys to Haida Gwaii in search of escape but is instead confronted with a harrowing sense of isolation. Things begin to unravel further as Jake’s photographs reveal unsettling future premonitions, and it soon becomes apparent that even when you think you’re alone, your troubles are never too far behind.

Since debuting at the 2018 Whistler Film Festival, Woodland has snatched up numerous awards, including ‘Best Supporting Performance’ (Philip Granger) and ‘Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking’ (Jon Silverberg). Most recently, the film hit Japanese cinemas, making its first appearance in theatres this past October 16th.

Woodland continues to show throughout Japan and is set to premiere in more countries throughout this year and into the next. Check out the official U.S trailer down below.

Release Date: October 16th, 2020 (Japan, Theatres). Director/Writer: Jon Silverberg.

Co-Producers: Mem Ferda, Meghan Brush, Desmond Chen, Gary & Margaret J. Chomyn, James Clapper, Rhiannon Crothers, Theo Kim et. al.

Cast: Richard Harmon, Philip Granger, Frank C. Turner, Amanda Tapping and Keilani Elizabeth Rose.

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