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Producer Mem Ferda Makes A Splash On-board Fantasy Feature ‘Mermaid Down’


Producer Mem Ferda Makes A Splash On-board Fantasy Feature ‘Mermaid Down’

“They Exist.”

At the axis of fantasy and horror is associate producer Mem Ferda’s Mermaid Down, the tale of a tortured siren forced ashore to navigate her new environment as a literal fish out of water. After being captured and mutilated by two dubious fishermen, the mermaid is sent to a psychiatric hospital where she develops an unlikely bond with the other patients and maps out her revenge.

Coined as ‘A grown-up version of The Little Mermaid’, Mermaid Down effortlessly intertwines violence, gore, and suspense with a poignant, heartfelt storyline. Speaking with, director Jeffrey Grellman shared: “Mermaids are from our childhood, and they’re from mythology. To chop off one’s tail would instantly connect the audience to a protagonist that no adult should really connect with.”

First released in October 2019, the critically acclaimed feature grossed $116,000 worldwide.

Mermaid Down is now available for viewing on Blu-Ray and at Prime Video.

Director: Jeffrey Grellman

Writers: Kelly Lauren Baker , Jeffrey Grellman

Producers: Jeri Baker | Chiara Gillette | Eric Monteiro | Logan Sammons |Kelly Lauren Baker

Associate Producer Mem Ferda

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