Actor Reggie Lochard and actress DeShawn White appear in ShockYa’s exclusive clip from director Greg Cally’s short drama, ‘A for Alpha.’

Actor Reggie Lochard’s character of Harrison is struggling with his insecurities regarding his role as the man in his relationship in the new drama, ‘A for Alpha.’ The character’s internal turmoil over the shift in roles and identity in romance is being highlighted as the movie is playing at such film festivals as the Las Vegas Black Film Festival, where it premiered.

In honor of the short also playing at the Toronto Black Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, Ottawa Black Film Festival and Cinequest Film & VR Festival, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the drama. In the clip, Harrison tries to spark a hint of romance while his girlfriend, Vanessa, who’s played by DeShawn White, is getting ready to leave for work. But Vanessa turns down his advances to instead try to motivate him to take on some of her colleagues as clients at the gym where he works as a trainer. However, Harrison instead begins to feel the pressure of not living up to society’s-and Vanessa-expectations of what it means to be a man in a relationship.

‘A for Alpha’ follows Harrison as he’s stuck between two worlds: the one he was raised to know and the reality that he is actually living. Harrison and Vanessa appear to have the perfect relationship, but Harrison is struggling with insecurities regarding his role as a man in his relationship. These insecurities lead him to wonder what it means to be an Alpha, and how he’s supposed to juggle his upbringing versus modern expectations.

On their anniversary, Harrison and Vanessa also have to deal with secrets that will change the foundation of their relationship forever. They have to figure out if they’ll able to find a common ground, or if their conflicting expectations will prove to be too much for their relationship.

The movie was written and produced by Reggie Lochard, and directed by Greg Cally. In addition to White and Lochard, ‘A for Alpha’ also stars David J. Cork, Anthony T. Goss and Ricardo Manigat.

For more information on ‘A for Alpha,’ visit the film’s official website, as well as its Facebook page.

ShockYa's Exclusive A for Alpha Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive A for Alpha Clip

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from director Greg Cally's short drama, 'A for Alpha,' which features actress DeShawn White and actor Reggie Lochard.

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