Many of us share great moments and bond with our canine companions. We always long to spend time with these wonderful creatures and seek ways to make them feel happy.

For some, the relationship is way beyond man and pet. It is the sort of relationship you have with a friend. Well, you should not use that ideology when it comes to feeding your dog. The reason is that the anatomical structure of a dog and a human is different in many ways.

For instance, humans can properly digest xylitol which happens to be toxic for canines. It is for this reason that you should make sure your furry companion does not come close to items like chocolate. For more on why you should keep such items out of the reach of dogs, you can read this.

The whole point is that you need to make sure your dog is exposed to the right meals and not the other way round. Appropriate options include premium quality wet and dry food specially formulated for your dog.

Other than this, you could use dog treats at various points in time. However, you need to make use of the right kind of treat. This is exactly what this article aims to achieve as we discuss how to identify the right treats for your dog.

Tips to Help You Get the Right Dog Treat

You have to be a bit more careful choosing dog treats than with other kinds of canine food. The reason is that they are supposed to serve two different but important roles.

First, treats are meant to gain the attention of your dog. This will help a lot during training and appraisal for good behavior. As a result, it needs to taste great and irresistible to your furry companion. This is the only way it can be as effective as you need it to be.

Secondly, it needs to be safe for consumption. Dogs are known to love many things that are dangerous for them. For instance, the average canine will jump at the chance to eat some chocolate. However, chocolate is dangerous especially because it contains xylitol.

So, you need something safe for your dog’s consumption. To achieve all these, here are some things to help you get the right dog treats:

Healthy Ingredients

Many brands are into the production of these edibles for canines. However, not every one of them offers treats that are free of toxic ingredients. So, you need to make sure the product you purchase is only made using healthy ingredients.

We strongly recommend that you get options that are made using CBD. Furthermore, the product purchased should be as natural as possible. It is better if limited but safe and healthy ingredients are used.

We recommend CBD treats because they also benefit your canine by helping the endocannabinoid system to function effectively. For more information on this subject, you can visit here.

Low-Calorie Option

Frankly, a high-calorie product is not necessarily bad. However, we have chosen to add this point for a particular reason. This is about preventing your dog from having health complications.

You might want to know that almost half the pets in the United States are slightly or seriously obese. There are a few reasons for this. One is lack of proper exercise. As a result, such canines are unable to burn body fat and make use of pent-up energy.

Another reason especially as it relates to this discussion is offering more treats/food than is necessary. The number of calories in these treats keeps accumulating in the canine’s body and leads to obesity.

This can even cause more critical health complications like diabetes, arthritis and various kinds of heart complications. We strongly advise that you do not offer more than is needed to avoid this.

You can also make do with options that are low in calories. This is because your dog stands a better chance with such. Once again, we strongly recommend CBD treats as they are healthier than many other options.


A good one should be soft. This is particularly important if the purpose is to assist in training the dog. The reason is that the chewing process of hard products can be a distraction for the canine. So, you should go for something soft to avoid distraction.

Good and Protective Packaging

You need something that comes with a good and protective package. This is so that the content will last as long as possible.

Products with bad packaging get exposed to things like moisture and air. As a result, they are likely to get spoiled easily. So, you should go for something that comes with a good and protective package.

Specially Formulated for Your Dog

A dog treat is supposed to be specially formulated for canines. However, you need something that is best suited for your breed and kind of furry companion. For instance, you should go for something that is specially formulated for large breeds if this is what your furry companion is.

Tastes Good

This cannot be stressed enough. The product needs to taste great if it will effectively serve its purpose during training. So, make sure what you end up with is a delight to your furry companion.


It is better if you buy a dog treat that is manufactured in a regulated environment. This is so that you will be certain some authorities ensure the products are safe and effective.

On this note, we strongly advise that you go for dog treats made in the USA as your first option. This is because many products from this location meet the required standard.

We have discussed some features of a good dog treat in this article and given some advice as well. We hope that you make informed decisions going forward.

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