The cover for Disaster Relief and Thornetta Davis’ R&B-blues-funk songs, ‘How I Feel’ and ‘Not So Scared of You.’

Artist Name: Disaster Relief with Thornetta Davis; Musicians: Thornetta Davis: Vocals; Darrin James: Guitar, organ and vocals; Brennan Andes: Bass; Michael Shimmin: Drums; Tim Haldeman: Tenor sax; Dan Bennett: Bari sax; and Ross Huff: Trumpet

Songs: ‘How I Feel’ and ‘Not So Scared of You;’ Released: April 13, 2021 by Ravine Records; Producer: Darrin James

The most inspirational songs are those that negate the adverse vibes in the world, and encourage their listeners to happily groove to the stylized beats of their unique blend of genres and instrumentals. Singer-songwriter Thornetta Davis, who’s known as Detroit’s Queen of the Blues, has teamed up with fellow vocalist, Darrin James and his instrumental, funk-driven band, Disaster Relief, to record two such poignant, electrifying tracks, which are titled ‘How I Feel’ and ‘Not So Scared of You.’

The recently released R&B, soul and blues tunes perfectly intertwine Davis’ stunning voice with Disaster Relief’s funky instrumentals. Driven by sentiments of truth and honesty, the songs provocatively reflect the troubles of modern society, including the struggle of women and the politics of hate and division. The Detroit singer’s swagger and grit are driven by richly textured arrangements throughout both tracks, which help support their powerful social commentaries.

Davis, who has won over 30 Detroit Music Awards, immediately shines through with her equally commanding and smooth voice on the standout blues-funk tune, ‘How I Feel.’ The song is also noteworthy for features eclectic, upbeat instrumentals that draws inspiration from such genres as Motown and Afrobeat and cities as New Orleans and Memphis.

The 1970s-inspired, soul-infused blues track’s most memorable instrumentals are the electrifying guitar, dynamic percussion and soaring sax, which effortlessly support the singer’s powerful vocals. The deeply emotive undertone of Davis’ vocals perfectly emphasizes the tune’s lyrics and message, which emphasize the importance of finding the courage to stand up to the person who’s trying to put you down, and keeping faith in your own strength.

Davis and Disaster Relief’s other stunning song, ‘Not So Scared of You,’ features a funky drum shuffle that drives the stellar rhythm. Combined with pulsating horns that stunningly showcase the singer’s gritty, explosive vocals, the overall track sizzles with atmosphere. The soul-funk-R&B tune also features tantalizing lyrics that emphasize how Davis will fight through the pain that the man in her life has caused her with his lies. The song is an enthralling declaration that people should lead their own lives without intimidation, and do whatever it takes to assert their independence.

Davis and Disaster Relief’s powerful experiences in the R&B, soul and blues genres have allowed them to create the poignant, electrifying ‘How I Feel’ and ‘Not So Scared of You’ together, which stunningly intertwine Davis’ spectacular voice with the group’s funky instrumentals. Also driven by the declaration that honesty is the best way to solve all conflicts, both tracks provocatively reflect on the overall troubles of modern society, including the struggle of women and the politics of hate and division. Those messages turn the tunes into powerful, era-defining social commentaries that deserve to not be missed.

For more information on Disaster Relief and Davis, visit their collaborative official website, as well as the band’s official website, Davis’ official website and James’ official website. Also visit Disaster Relief’s Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

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