The cover for 1st Base Runner’s indie-alternative-rock-electronic album, ‘Seven Years of Silence.’

Band: 1st Base Runner: Musician: Tim Husmann: All instruments and vocals

Album: ‘Seven Years of Silence;’ Released: July 30, 2021; Producer: Tim Husmann; Mixing Engineer: Colin Bricker at Mighty Find Productions in Denver, CO; Mastering: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in Edgewater, NJ

Many people often struggle to find their way during relentlessly challenging times. But Austin, Texas-based artist, Tim Husmann, who performs under the stage name, 1st Base Runner, powerfully highlights people’s fight to find their way again on his recently released stellar debut alternative-shoegaze album, ‘Seven Years of Silence.’

The eight-track indie-rock-electronic record, which is stylistically similar to the music of such rock bands as Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and Godspeed, stunningly highlights Husmann’s vulnerabilities as he delves into the fundamental truths about what it means for people to be present on their own terms in modern culture. His multi-layered songs also enthrallingly explore how people’s shortcomings, and at times inability to meet the expectations that are placed on them, ultimately end up humanizing them.

Husmann’s meticulous approach to crafting his music is instantly highlighted with ‘Seven Years of Silence’s opening tune, the atmospheric ‘Break Even.’ The introductory song, which is one of the album’s standout entries, showcases the singer-songwriter’s natural ability to interweave darkwave, gothic and post-punk elements into his music.

Reminiscent of the grittier sounds that have driven Depeche Mode’s tracks since the 1990s, ‘Break Even’ is notable for its dark tones and simple, yet equally powerful, rhythms, which flourish on the synth guitar. Husmann’s hypnotic and electrifying vocals are also prominent throughout the tune as they emote his unease of feeling as though he needs to meet the expectations that other people have often placed on him.

The memorable opening song is followed by ‘Seven Years of Silence’s enthralling sophomore entry, ‘Only One.’ The musician’s intense, heightened emotions are once again largely highlighted by his striking guitar playing that will surely draw listeners into his world. His all-encompassing instrumentals highlight his breathy but equally commanding vocals. He emotionally croons in those dynamic vocals that he wanted to be the only one who loves the person he’s involved with, as they try to rebuild their relationship.

Another standout track is the electronic indie-driven ‘Pirouette,’ which serves as the second single for Husmann’s new record. The relatable tune deserves attention the artist captives his listeners by crooning about the struggles everyone experiences in life, and their need to find the strength to overcome those challenges. In melancholic and avant-garde vocals that are set against gripping post-punk-rock, synth and electronic instrumentals, the singer notes that people often struggle to determine how they should overcome stressful situations.

‘Seven Years of Silence’ winds down with its last entry, the goth march-inspired ‘Ocean.’ Driven by a cinematic, breathy sound design that’s reminiscent of the sounds of Pink Floyd’s later albums, Husmann’s ending song opens with his signature dark, viscous tones that give way to his trademark pulsating rhythm and electronic guitar.

Also supported by an overall hypnotic instrumentation, the track features the artist’s equally brooding and melancholic vocals as he chronicle how he feels that he’s slipping into the metaphorical title ocean with the people from his childhood. He also croons that since he has felt trapped by the problems of those people he loved from his youth, he has been drifting further from his own dreams. But Husmann also proclaims there’s finally potential for him to move forward in his life, as he’s no longer going back to the part of his past that has held him back.

Husmann proves what a noteworthy musician he is with the recent release of ‘Seven Years of Silence,’ which is notable for its emotional themes, including people finding their own way as they battle the unrealistic expectations that society places on them. Also driven by atmospheric instrumentals and stellar vocals, the indie-alternative-rock-electronic record remarkably highlights the singer-songwriter-instrumentalist’s vulnerabilities that are relatable to fans of all music genres and place in modern culture.

For more information on Husmann, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

By Karen Benardello

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